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Meme A Day 2008-Day 249-Owner's Manual Meme

Ganked from delicate_truth

If you had to write an owner's manual for yourself for someone else to read, what are five things (at least) you know you would include (silly, serious, Highly Important, etc.)?

1. I'm a total whack-job when it comes to food/eating. Restaurant outings have to be carefully planned so that I'm really hungry when we go. On the other hand, letting me get too hungry is a very bad idea. Once the blood sugar has crashed, I'm barely capable of coherent word or thought and can easily lash out and say some of the most hurtful shit imaginable. Right now, my bottom line is to stay off sugar. Do not offer me your candy, ice cream, cake etc. I don't care how delicious it is. I don't want to eat it.

2. I like to watch the DVD Extras after watching the movie or TV episodes on any particular disk, not before.

3. I must have enough time with access to the internet on any given day to read all my email, do an LJ catch-up, find a post a meme etc. If I need to do this on company time so be it. If it keeps me from getting actual work done, I don't care. Because I can't get through a work-day without getting away from work, if you know what I mean.

4. Must have silk wrap fill approximately once every two weeks.

5. Must have hair touch up approximately once every six weeks.

6. I also get cranky if I don't get the gym or exercise at least every other day. Not because I'm an exercise addict as much as being obsessed with trying to make the corpus a little more delecti before the Squeeeeee odyssey commences.

7. Must have music or television on in order to fall asleep. Only exception is Hawaii where sound of waves will suffice.

Possible addenda as I think of them.
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