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Meme a Day 2008-Day 250-Summer Meme

Ganked from snowgrouse

1. What song will always remind you of this past summer?

Pretty much any thing from KOIT's incredibly repetitious playlist, which is what I hear when I'm at Cafe Petra trying to get in as much high-speed time as I can before going to work or up to the hospital. KOIT is the "lite-rock" station in here in San Francisco. For instance right now it's John Mayer's "Say What You Need To Say."

There's some good oldies and 70's/80's pop in the mix, but it's all incredibly over played. I don't think there's more than 200 songs getting played over and over.

They play "Because Of You," by Kelly Clarkson so much I want to smack everybody involved upside the head.

2. If you had unlimited cash where would you like to get away to spend your summer and what sort of things would you do there?

Dream trip #1-Getting a condo in Maui and have a seriously relaxing summer of just hanging out in the shade and writing, having great dinners and not caring about fat, calories etc. I'd find a great beach and get a surf-board and a great zen-like surf instructor and keep at it until could stand up on the board. Even if it takaes all summer.

Dream trip #2 All-LJ vacation, where I go around the world and meet all of you guys. Lots of time in the UK of course. Hanging out and fangirling. Special expedition to Cardiff for obvious stalking purposes. Points on the tour would include the UK, Iceland, Milan, Australia and of course stops all over the US of A.

Dream trip #3-The Karaoke tour of Asia. I want to go and sing in Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and the Phillipines.

3. If you were stuck on a beach for the summer, how many days would it take you to get sick of swimming,what materials would you use to construct a crude shelter and what random celebrity would you want to randomly show up there and remain topless for your viewing pleasure?

If I didn't have reading material, notebooks, laptop (and internet access) I'd go crazy pretty quickly. I'd go all De Sade and start writing in my blood on coconut leaves or something.

On the other hand I might get really good at the swimming and train myself to get far enough to return to civilation.

Shelter...ummmm hopefully there's an existing cave or something. Otherwise I'd have dig a burrow. I burn really badly. Seriously. I'd have to make a long sleeve shirt out of coconut leaves or a Josephine Baker banana skirt.

If John Barrowman floated in we could at least entertain each other with obscure show tunes and bad 70's pop songs. And he probably never gets sunburned.

I'm forced to entertain the notion that Hugh Laurie might make a more scintillating conversationalist over the long haul. He looks good shirtless too.

4.Did you suffer any heat stroke or sunburns this summer?

Nope. I'm too paranoid to let it happen. I got a hint of red on my cheeks and nose a few times running, but that's about it.

5.Are you looking forward to anything in the fall?

Hubby coming home and less heat. Which is stupid because it's usually hotter in September and October, but August has been ridiculously and unusually hot, so it has to break sometime.

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