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New theme-Does it look OK?

Basically, I just wanted to have the links on the side to make it easier to find stuff. Although that is a lot of damn links, isn't it? Some of them are typos that I need to get out of there, if there's a way to clean up the tag list.


HEAT WAVE! YUCK! I hate this shit. It's one thing when I'm in Maui on a lanai with a nice breeze off the ocean. Not so much here and now, when my husband's in a Nursing Home with no air conditioning. It's been going on since the week of the accident which is totally insane. NOT why I live in San Francisco. Bitch bitch. Gripe gripe.

I think hubby is in a much better mood, although I suspect it will be an on-going process with the recovery, but he seemed to be in better spirits last night.
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