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Meme A Day 2008-Day 253-The Boyfriend Meme

Ganked from taurenova

Movie boyfriend: George Clooney
Movie boyfriend young enough to be my son: Michael Cera (but only because he's the only one of the current young crop who doesn't seem like a total idiot.)
TV boyfriend: John Barrowman
Childhood TV boyfriend: Robert Conrad
Cool Childhood TV boyfriend: Paul Lynde
Alien Childhood TV boyfriend: Mr. Spock
Work boyfriend: Steve
Media boyfriend: Keith Olberman
Musician boyfriend: Brian Setzer
Girlfriend boyfriend: Peggy from the Mint
Statesman boyfriend: Barack Obama
Dead boyfriend: So many. Let's go with Bobby Darin. I think he would have been fun to hang out with.
Comedian boyfriend: Jon Stewart
Canadian boyfriend: Scott Thompson
Sportsman boyfriend: Joe Montana
Cartoon boyfried: Captain Kremmen of the Star Command
Book boyfriend: Jake Barnes
Smarter-than-me boyfriend: Hugh Laurie

The Current Boyfriend with whom I am cheating on All the Other Boyfriends at this moment: Hubby, of course.
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