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More or less caught up. (LJ STUFF)

Except that lifein1973 is having a Ficathon so there's tons of fabulous looking stories with great prompts by a bunch of my favorite authors. It's going to take me A VERY LONG TIME to get around to reading them, but I'm going to do my damndest.

I haven't been able to look at fandomsecrets in over a week. :(
I'm so OCD about it, that I need to read each secret, make notes and then look through the comments to see if there's wankage about a secret that moves me one way or another.

And I still owe a few rants, top fives, and fan mixes.

But my LJ life is in better shape than it was yesterday.

I have a new TW fic written, but I haven't been able to get it all typed up and out to beta. I won't give away the pairing, but it's part of a organized conspiracy to show torchwoodslash that there is more to that title than YOU KNOW WHAT! I'm hoping there can be a consolidated attack so if you have a fic that's ready or close to ready to go and meets the criteria of being TW slashfic that doesn't include that pairing, get in touch with me.

My "Halloween" costume is getting weird...and dark...and bloody. Which is odd because it was supposed to be fluff or at least schmoopy for the pairing I hate most. Apparently I'm not as able to transcend hate and prejudice in the name of fic as I would have liked to believe, but yesterday's action proved that already.
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