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Tired-Real life stuff.

Hubby called to tell me he was getting around (a little) with a walker today. They still don't have the right size crutches for him. I want him home as soon as possible. Mostly for selfish reasons. I'm getting really sick of going up to the Nursing Home every night after work, spending a few hours, then coming home and crashing. Never mind the damn cab fares, and you try getting a cab out in the avenues at 10PM.

Since my leeched high-speed has gone bye-bye for the time being, I can't get on line at night so I have to pick between going to the gym in the AM or getting to Cafe Petra for an hour before work.

Now that hubby is on the mend, I feel like I have to at least act like my head is in the game. I can't just coast any more. (At least not more than I usually do.) Between the hubby and the office move last week was more or less a loss, but I've been in on time every day this week and went to the gym this AM for 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Still fighting a lot of sugar cravings and not managing hunger well at all, which means I've slipped a little on the carbs and fats, but the sugar is my bottom line and I don't want to cross it right now.
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