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But, as you all know....I HATE MY JOB.

1. FIRST CALL YESTERDAY....Yes, it's that old favorite....LIMO HELL!!!

I had a client being picked up at JFK for a transfer to Le Parker Meridien. His admin called the limo company directly to reconfirm the pick and the address. They had the correct address in the record...and yet somehow the driver didn't know where the hotel was and dropped off the passenger FOUR BLOCKS AWAY in NYC at nearly midnight...WITH LUGGAGE.

I'm trying to get to the bottom of this and preferably a full refund, but it shows how little control we have over these insane situations and how much I hate booking limos.

A few weeks ago, I did a limo booking in London (the one where the lovely Natalie helped me out so wonderfully) BUT since the client flew Upper Class on Virgin Atlantic he was entitled to a complimentary limo transfer, which I completely forgot about because I book Virgin so rarely. Now the company basically has to reimburse the cost of the limo because I screwed up.

2. First email I had to deal with this AM.

I did a personal ticket for a Very Self Important Person and the Regional Manager had to let me know that I'd accidentally put in on the company card instead of the personal card. This is a big no-no and there's no way to change forms of payment. My only choice was to call her, cop to the screw up and ask for a personal account number so they could reimburse the company.

Only when I called VSIP to tell her about my boo-boo, she had no idea what I was talking about because the travel wasn't personal at all. She was traveling for business. So I had screwed up by documenting the record as personal, but not half as badly as I would have if it really had been.

WHEW. (Can I go home now and have a nervous breakdown?)


And some fun with taxi-cabs. Not work-related, but not worth a separate post either.

So last night I'm standing on the corner...Twelfth Street and Vine of Battery and Sacremento trying to get a cab to go see Hubby up at the nursing home. I see one coming and put up my arm, but then I spot a girl on the opposite corner, which puts her ahead of me for the cab. I was pissed, but hey there are "rules," about this stuff, right? The cab completely passes her by and comes over to my corner. I was sososososo tempted to just jump in, but this struck me as fundamentally wrong. Like the entire social structure would break down if I took this taxi that wasn't mine. So I waved to the girl to cross the street and told her that it was her cab and she should take. She suggested sharing it, which was fine with me.

This whole thing is kind of unlike me and feels a little more Wilson than House, if you know what I mean, and I am NOT WILSON, not even Bastard!Wilson. I like to think I'm a lot closer to House, who would totally take the cab and justify it to himself that he's a cripple and he deserves it. My husband is a temporary cripple so I deserve it and yet...go figure.

However the karma may have paid off because my usual cab company wasn't even answering their phone when I needed a ride home from the nursing home so I started walking down Seventh Avenue which isn't exactly teeming with cabs, certainly not at 10PM, I got to about Irving and there was a cab just sitting there, as the driver got out and threw some stuff in a garbage can. I came over and it turned out he was available. Nice guy. Native San Franciscan, who strangely
enough didn't know where Orphan Andy's was, but seemed pleased to find out.

And the adventure continues.
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