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A little drama at the nursing home last night.

Apparently visiting hours are over at 8:00PM. As at every medical facility we've been to, I could care less about the rules. I stay till about 930PM or 10:00PM. I'm not disrupting anything and while there I'm doing things that the nurses would otherwise have to do like fetching water and dumping out pee.

Until now, nobody's said anything about this. Last night, one of the nurses came in and was rather insistent that visiting hours were over. She didn't actually tell me to leave and when I didn't, nothing happened. We watched a few more episodes of Weeds, and then I very deliberately hung around another half hour because I don't like being told what to do. I figured it was just some supervisor trying to throw her weight around and although I was pissed, I kind of let it go with my act of rebellion.

Hubby on the other hand not only got pissed, he got really dark and broody about it, which worried me a lot. I kept trying to talk him down with a lot of chit-chat about my day and my memes and all the things our friends are up to and some politics etc etc, but I could tell this was really bothering him. Seeing me is really the only thing he has to look forward to all day. There's hardly anyone for him to talk to, since he's one of the few people who's there to get better and not just waiting to die.

I'm really hoping they're serious about getting him out of there by the end of the week cause I don't think either one of us can take much more of this.
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