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Two meme responses for the price of one:

In the Top Five Meme , the stupendously awesome drunken_hedghog asked me to name my Top Five QI guests.

1. Jimmy Carr
2. John Sessions
3. Jeremy Clarkson
4. Clive Anderson
5. Richard E. Grant.

(Runners up would be Phil Jupitus and Bill Bailey)

The self-same Ms. Hedghog provided me with this challenge in the Random Rant Meme

The problems with British culture from an American perspective. Anything from little niggles to outright infuriations!

It's actually nothing against British Culture, except to bewail the absence of such erudite, humorous, individuals from our own shores. Where are our Stephens and Jos et al?

We used to have them. Back in the 30's and 40's there were the storied wits of the Algonquin Round Table. Can you imagine a bitch session between Jo Brand and Dorothy Parker? The heart fairly sings at the idea.

If you watch old game shows like I've Got a Secret and What's My Line, you can find urbane American raconteurs like Bennett Cerf, Gary Moore, John Charles Daly and of course the epically witty Jack Paar. Dorothy Kilgallen was known for holding parties where games were played and knowledge was coin of the realm. (The lady had other issues, but she had a brain and she wasn't afraid to use it.)

I'm convinced the American breed died out with Johnny Carson and it's JUST NOT FAIR!

If we could produce Cole Porter and Robert Benchley, why are we now stuck with such a rock-bottom level of crassness in our entertainment and our so-called game shows?

I demand a trade agreement where we ditch half of what passes for intelligentsia in our society on some-kind of lend lease cultural exchange program where we get nearly the whole of QI's guest list (excluding Johnny Vagas-sorry, he's awful).

You know I love my British friends desperately, but give a girl and her pathetic country a break.

Friends, LJers, Fans-LEND ME YOUR COOLNESS. We're dyin' here culture-wise. Seriously.

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