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Dialogue from my life:

"We couldn't get a hotel in Half Moon Bay, so they moved the meeting to New York."

Well sure. Why not? Half Moon Bay or New York City. You couldn't move it to, OH I DON'T KNOW...Palo Alto or something?

Luckily all this happened over the weekend. Although I'm still dealing with the fall-out.


It's going to be a long six months. Hubby can get around on the crutches, but it ain't easy, so I spent the morning getting him set up on the couch with a pot of tea and bagels, telephones, remotes, books etc.

Someone is supposed to be coming over for physical therapy.

Pretty much the first thing he asked me to do after we got home on Friday was to run to the T-Mobile store on the corner of Valencia and 17th and get him a new cell-phone. His piece of shit Sidekick had died in the middle of the whole mulitiple medical facilities ordeal. Now he's got a Blackberry, which presumably has internet access while I'm struggling with my leeched Linksys.

Friday night we got a visit from my very pregnant friend Allyson. She's totally freaking out and as the least child-friendly person on the planet, I don't have a lot of reassuring words. It's one of those, well I didn't plan it, but I'm not stopping it things.

She's living in LA with my best old ex-friend Ray, so I don't see her much. She was up here for a wedding of her friend and a baby shower, but stopped by for a few minutes to see Hubby and me.

Saturday night we watched some Classic Dr. Who-The Invisible Enemy with Tom Baker. This was the first time I'd seen Leela. What do Ol' Skool Whovians think of her? I wasn't madly impressed, but I'm curious to know. The disk also came with the pilot for "K-9 and Friends" which was ummmm....lack-luster but gave me a chance to see a younger Sarah Jane in action.

We're up to the 3rd Season of Northern Exposure. This is one of Hubby's favorite shows ever, so I've been getting him the DVD's for a total re-watch. I'm liking it better now than I did the first time around, but I gotta say that seeing Rob Morrow in sweaters and 80's hair (Yeah I know it was the early 90's but it's still 80's hair) being all Jewish and goofy, makes it hard to believe in his macho act when I watch Numb3rs.


I finally got back to Sunday karaoke yesterday which was AWESOME! Sebastian, Peggy, Daddy Dave, toddyboi, Rockin' Vince and various others. Luckily the crowd from the Karaoke Entertainer of the Year contest had cleared out and it was just a nice little group. Everyone was glad to see me and vice versa.

Song list:
My Love-Petula Clark
Concrete and Clay-Unit 4 Plus 2
Elenore-The Turtles.


I didn't get to see the Emmys, but from what I'm reading in the paper, I didn't miss much. Much as I would have loved for Hugh to get his Emmy, this probably shouldn't have been his year. Aside from the last two episodes, the four season wasn't the show I love or even the characters.

On the RPS front...I finished my first draft of the new installment with covers the Writer's strike and certain events in the real lives of the real people involved. I'm thinking I might post it in about a month (October 23) as my traditional gift to my readers. I know some of you are still the Squick-Wagon when it comes to RPS, so it wouldn't be a gift to you. But that way I have another story as a back-up for Halloween in case I fail dismally to complete my self-assigned costume. (I might still post THAT as a "Goosey Night" fic.)

I know, I'm babbling to myself. My apologies. I think about this stuff WAY TOO MUCH.

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