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Happy House Day & and some Heroes-babble

My high-speed at home is precarious and michelleann68 is out of the country making me insanely jealous by seeing David Tennant in Hamlet, so I'm not sure how much of a House-party I'm going to have tonight, but I will attempt to be on-line during the west coast broadcast at 8:00PM PST.



I like watching this show because I'm not particularly on board any ships and I can zone out on the boring bits while I'm working on fanfic. I've decided to ship the only two characters I really care about, who for all I can remember have never even had scenes together: Noah and Nathan. N/N shippers unite. And if you're shopping for my birthday....October 23.

Sendhil Ramamurthy really does nothing for me, no matter how nice the bod looked in the big sex scene. The way Mohinder was looking at Maya's tits before he did the blouse rip was hysterical.

Angela Petrelli ROCKS!

Peter is STILL not all that and a bag of chips. I do not get the Peter Love AT ALL. Or the Milo V passion. Except when he's on-screen with Adrian Pasdar, because they do have chemistry, although I can't quite tell if it's character chemistry or RPF chemistry.

Ali Lartner in her undies...again. ZZZZZZZZZ Time to work on my Halloween fic.

Hey, Linderman, Dude! Nice to see you. Or not, as the case may be. Has he been hanging out with Claude? Can we get Claude back? PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE!

Claire/Elle-Femslash pairing waiting to happen. Guiding Light VS Days of out Lives.

Sylar---Doesn't scare me as much as I'm sure he should. Angela Petrelli? EEEEEEEEK!

Hiro and Ando on another quest. Do I care? Really? More time to work on the fic.

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