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House-babble for "Not Cancer"

I'm torn and I can't sleep.

Not enough high-speed to sustain a House-party and no one around to party with anyway. Just me and hubby, who you know, likes Thirteen. Go figure.

Fanservice. Nothing but fanservice. House is pining. House is obsessing. House is looking for Wilson replacements. Everybody's on to him. It's absolutely blatant, and it's also infuriating because they then raise the "gay" thing only to shoot it right back down. The fangirls are falling for it hook, line and sinker and squeeeeing their heads off.

I know it's caca and it's not making me Squeeeeeeeeee for the possibility of House/Wilson canon, but it made me really happy all the same. Mostly because I felt Hugh Laurie was enjoying himself again. There were even a few Bertie-faces in there. PI Guy (I will NOT call him Mr. Sprinkles) was a cool character, and Hugh is back to having chemistry with everyone (except the newbies, still NOTHING THERE). The scenes with Dr. Shea and with PI Guy were both well-written, and when Hugh is fiving us House's subtle smile like that, the world really is a beautiful place.

Also, it was nice to see a medical mystery getting as much attention as the subplot. Now all we need is some clinic duty. We even got our first blood-puke of the season. YAY BLOOD PUKE.

Interesting that Cam is still visiting Wilson, even though she didn't get any scenes. Chase was grossly underused, but had his good moment and once again, Hugh & Jesse were making my House/Chase fetish come alive. Newbies are useless. Newbies are useless. Newbies are useless. Go away Kutner. Foreman needs to get away from those losers as soon as possible. Speaking of gross...I feel like the exploding poop was symbolic of his role on the show and it was sort of a rehash of the exploding testicle from No Reason.

And of course the BIG MOMENT---House/Wilson. YESSSSSSS!!!!! Pure angst. Total fanfic. And yeah, fanservice, but Hugh and RSL at their best. Damn you Hugh&Bobby. When you do that, I have no self-respect whatsoever and I KNOW H/W were fucking at least up until Grace. Whether they ever started again, I can write twenty different ways.

On the other hand, at least I have another week when I can be very smug about the mpossibility of H/W fluff. If you're writing it, you ain't living in the real world. Which is an odd thing to say about a work of fiction, but you know what I mean.
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