karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

There's a ship lies rigged and ready in the harbour...

Or the bay, anyway.

Big cruise ship. I'm thinking it might be one of the Royal Carribean Line ships, because that thing is massive. I see it every time I go out in the hall and look through the windows of the offices of the people who have windows.

I would so love to just take off on one of those right now. I'm just tired. Thrilled that hubby is home, yes, but tired. And the next six months are not going to be peachy either. He's not a complete invalid, but when I'm home, there's a lot of things I need to do for him. (I'm sort of seeing myself as Stacy to his House, post infarction, without the whole betrayal thing.)

We did a Princess Cruise to Alaska back in 2000 and it was a truly wonderful trip. It took ages to pay off but damn we had fun. I played trivia every day and was so good that everybody ended up hating me and I had one of my fag-hag crushes on a singer/piano player named Paul Burton. What can I say, give me a gay man who sings Cole Porter and Noel Coward songs and I'm a goner. We also got soaked in Ketchikan and rode bikes in Skagway. Maybe the best memory is being outside in the rain in a hot tub. Sheer bliss.

Good memories while I'm stuck here at the Desk of Doom.

I'm finally caught up on fandomsecrets and will get caught up on who_secrets today. Plus I'm getting to my massive bag-log of fic that I want to read through and comment on. Hubby promises me I've have DSL within the week so no more struggling with the leeched high-speed or having to go to Cafe Petra to do anything.
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