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Hair Day, Folsom Street, Halloween, Nike Half Marathon.

And how desperately do I need it, along with some heavy-duty conditioning.

Further to the high-maintennce front, I've broken part of my thumb-nail trying to open a honey jar, while I was making iced-tea for hubby. I'm NOT PLEASED.


More of why San Francisco is awesome. Today is the Folsom Street Fair . When I go to the Mint later, all my pretty boys will be done up in their leather/bondage regalia. Woof.

I did a Mint hit and run yesterday while I was out shopping so I could say hi to Jimmy on his birthday. I sang Young Girl (one of the great pedophile songs of all time) and got out before hubby could notice.

We spent most of the evening watching more Northern Exposure. We're up to Season 4. Mostly I was using it as background noise while I finished the first draft of my Come As You're Not fic for the Halloween party. It doesn't meet my self-imposed costume requirement as much as I would have liked, but it's certainly different than anything I've ever written, so I will be appearing in it.

For my new friends, and I know I've acquired some of you since the original posting---- Here is your invitation.


Decisions, Decisions----

The Nike Marathon is in about three weeks.I'm signed up to do the Half Marathon. I really, really want to do it, but with everything, I still haven't done a run longer than 8 miles. I went about that yesterday, but my ankles are not thrilled with me right now. I'd hate to start and not finish because that is devastating, but just wussing out doesn't feel cool either.


Off to soak legs and ponder.
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