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House-babble-Thoughts on previous episodes.

And a quick bit of pimping...I'm a co-mod for ppth_support, which is a fic comm devoted to the supporting cast and guest stars of House MD. We have a weekly drabble challenge, which I'd love all my new friends to come over and check out.

House MD: The Unusual Suspects is a fanfiction community devoted to fics featuring characters other than House, Wilson, Cameron, Cuddy, Foreman, Chase, or Stacy. (These people may all appear in the fiction as long as an Unusual Suspect has at least an equal role.)

I was typing up the eligible character list for Heavy from season one, when a few things occurred to me.

First of all, I'd practically forgotten the episode exists. Much as I love seasons 1 and 2, that is a hard episode for me to sit through due to my own weight issues and my Vogler hate. I'd somehow managed to erase it from my mind and thought we were going from Mob Rules directly to Role Model. Rereading the transcript was really interesting. Here are some thoughts.

We've had two episodes featuring severely obese patients, Heavy and Que Sera Sera. Heavy occurs in the middle of the Vogler arc, Que Sera Sera in the middle of the Tritter arc. In both we seem to find out about Chase's antipathy to fat people. So much so that in Que Sera Sera, he disappears about a third of the way into the episode (after House tells him to sit on his ass) and is never seen again.

Heavy also features the slightly more "human" House in his interactions with Lucille Hernandez, her husband and her giant tumor. Her weight is still played for laughs, but there's a glimmer of decency there that we totally lost in the 4th season.

Most interesting on the H/W angst front.

Wilson LOVES to tell House how miserable he is. I thought it started with Need To Know, but it's been going on a lot longer than that and notice who else is already not completely happy with their life:

Wilson: I’ve been thinking. You’ve made it quite clear that you’re miserable here –

House: I am not miserable. [They enter the clinic.]

Wilson: You’re not happy.

House: And you are?

Wilson: With… my job, yes.

Verrrrrry Interesting!
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