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Happy House Day-And of course...some Heroes babble

In case I haven't mentioned it yet....I'VE GOT DSL!!!!! You are all invited to join me in some high-speed happy-dancing. Gmailers who are available during the West Coast showing of House-feel free to come over for my Gmail Chat party.

I'm totally unspoiled for tonight and feeling pretty good about things. Two weeks, two post-eps that I'm pretty proud of, although I still don't intend to write any. I do love that my show is inspiring me again, instead of making me want to throw stuff at the TV set.

Where the hell is Wilson living? Is he still at Amber's place? If so, that's totally NOT moving on dude. That's wallowing. And was he there long enough to get his name on the actual lease or rental? Speaking of things that will probably never get dealt with...As you know, I consider Wilson's writing of House's Vicodin prescription a key facet of their relationship. Who's writing the script these days? Because who ever it is has just changed the dynamic of that relationship, and what kind of change depends on who and what the relationship was before. My guilty pleasure House/Chase self would love it to be Chase.

YAY-No Mohinder/Maya, although we did get a voice-over so...STFU Mohinder.

OK, I know that last week I declared myself a shipper for Nathan/Noah just based on hotness and improbability. However, today I must expose myself for the round-heeled shipper I am and say that OMG Noah/Sylar, cutest thing ever! and how cute is the Haitian going all jealous on Noah's ass? That's practically CANON, my friends. And Sylar all cleaned up is a BIG IMPROVEMENT, although Zachary Quinto's eyebrows are still a terrifying sight, fully capable of invading a breakaway Russian Republic if they so choose.

What's your name? Who's Your Daddy? Is it Papa Petrelli or one of the other Original Heroes? Linderman, maybe? I'm totally confused.

Claire/Fire-mom drama was kind of a snooze. Where's Mr. Muggles to bite someone's ankle when you really need him? I'm sorry. Claire, you are a whiny wench. STFU, unless you're being hot with Peter or something, because he's a bit of a whiny wench too. Yeah, I get the whole incest thing. Whatever. This is fandom, you know? (And a hearty HYPOCRITE Award to any Petrellicest fans or the OTHER big CEST fans who are all over brother pairings, but start freaking out when there's a girly-girl involved.)

So....African guy is Isaac? WTF? And you can get the power by putting on a Sony Walkman? I'm so confused. I love the Grunberg, but this plot is going nowhere in a big ol' hurry.

Nicki/Tracy, whatever the hell your name is...when a creepy-acting doctor with a German accent opens the door...Do Not Go Inside! RUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! BUT---very sweet scene with Micah.

Nathan...Gotta love a guy who can look hot reading the bible. However I suspect when all (ahem) Hell breaks lose and he goes dark again, it's gonna be REALLY hot. (Speculation, not spoiler. I have no idea what's going down.)

Last, but extremely least...Hiro and Ando are adorable, but once again, their plot bores the shit out of me.
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