karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Hello Santa!

This is the letter for my yuletide Santa.

I'm tempted to segue into my best Eartha Kitt singing "Santa Baby," but I'll spare you.

I'm primarily a slash reader and writer, but I consider myself bi-fictional and my slogan as expressed in the user pic is "Hot and Well-Written Trumps Everything."

If you do decide to write something hot action for Anderson Cooper, I'm extremely partial to him with Keith Olberman, followed by either Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. For Andy I do prefer slash and as I said, please please please don't make him have sex with a conservative. However kink or noncon is ducky.

Everything else, I think I spelled out pretty well and I do understand that you're only obligated to go with fandom and pairing. Details are up to you. Except on the L&O front, I'm more of an original recipe gal than CI or SVU. However I stand by my first details on that. I'd like to see Lenny get a little action, by whatever means or cast member necessary.

Have fun! See ya on Christmas. This is my first year doing this and I'm mightily psyched.

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