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Am I the only one who HATES that woman's voice?

I mean there's plenty of other reasons to hate her with the white hot heat of a thousand blazing suns, but the voice is just enough to make me want to bash my own head in just so I won't have to hear it ever again. Sort of a cross between the worst of Holly Hunter in Raising Arizona and Frances McDormand in Fargo? (Great actresses, but annoying voices.)

STFU with your fucking bullshit and lies, bitch. Especially the bit where she either didn't understand the question about "achilles heels" or doesn't think she has one. I wish Biden had just turned to Gwen Ifill after her little speech and said "Gwen, you may want to repeat the question to Sarah as she didn't seem to understand it." Also after her nasty dig about voting for the war and then opposing it, I would have turned to her and said, "Well it's kind of like supporting a Bridge to Nowhere and then opposing it when it became a political liability."



The worst part is my gut-wrenching fear that the sheeple are actually falling for this and we're going to lose.

And it's not like I'm in any mood to be here today anyway. Nothing, in particular. I just woke up this morning wanting to stay home and crawl under the covers for a few more hours. As Bruce Springsteen once said, "I'm just tired and bored with myself. Hey there baby, I could use just a little help."

I know this is NOTHING like actually having a child, but the fact that I have to get up in the morning and get him set up before I can go to work and that I'm not able to just head for the gym in the morning, is probably the closest I'll ever come to it.

Hubby is doing much better, and I'm helping him do his resistance exercises every day, but it's still a very long road ahead.


My buddy Lowell is in town and we're going to get together tomorrow. I love Lowell. One of my former Mint Buddies who moved back to the East Coast. We always have a good time together and I'm really looking forward to seeing him. Not sure if we'll get any karaoke in, but just seeing him will be awesome.

We're going to have brunch at Chow and then he'll come over and visit Hubby for awhile.

Which is awesome, but means I have to get the place cleaned up a little.

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