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I did the ten miles yesterday. My bum was less than thrilled with me, but it looks like I'm on track to do the Nike Half Marathon on October 19th.

Numb3rs-Nice to see Lou Diamond Phillips back, and fun to have Larry and Amita get their moments of glory, but actually not so much. Gotta trick Charlie into helping because NO ONE is a smart as Charlie. It's getting old and the suspense as to how long the situation was going to last with the security clearance was and is NIL! Also...the so-called plot? ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. (And what up with both a Mythbusters and a Deadliest Catch reference?)

Robin Hood-I hate Marian. I hate her fiercely. Frankly I hate Robin et al, but I hate that smug wench the most. NASTY SENTIMENT AHEAD: I hate her. I love Guy. I really, really wanted Guy to marry her and fuck her. VERY PAINFULLY. I can see why 15 year olds might like this show, but I'm all about Guy and The Sheriff and the more they don't win the more I hate all the Robin Hoodies. Especially Djaq. OH PULEASE! (Extra note-What is up with people not knowing girls when they see them?)


I also got my nails done. Looks like I've switched from silk to acryllic because Kathy's out of business and Tina who works at Mina downstairs from my apartment likes acryllic. As long as the goddess nails look good, I don't really care. I also got a much needed hand/arm/neck massage out of the deal.

Then we watched an In-Depth on C-span 2. Richard Norton Smith and Douglas Brinkley talking about political campaign books, biography, history etc. God I love hearing adults talk intelligently. Unfortunately, that kept me up way past midnight and when I staggered into work this AM....

Over the weekend we were migrated (like wildebeest) from one email system to another. We also had new hard drives installed and basically NOTHING WORKED. It took more than three hours with IT to get things up and running. Along the way, I discovered I can't even download Firefox or access the control panel to change my own date/time. Luckily I was able to put in a new wallpaper and hllangel set up a nice bit of Barrowmania for me.

I need to get out of here, get some food and go home and crash.

Maybe watch the puppy video a few more times.
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