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Meme A Day 2008-Day 284-The Story Meme

Ganked from candesgirl

1.Your favorite story.

So many to choose from. Seriously, I crank out a lot of this stuff. Let’s say Smooth Operator because it was the first time I wrote Jools Siviter. beta_goddess and I had so much fun creating a whole fanon based on just those two episodes of Spooks/MI5. I was in a quivering state of Jools-lust the whole time I was writing it, and I really like how the finished product came out.

2.Your least favorite story.
Putting It To The Test
There may be a great House MD/ Mythbusters crossover to be written, but this ain’t it. I couldn’t get the two worlds to mesh at all.

2.Your longest story.
Collision Course at 14,483 words.

4. Your shortest story-I’ve written tons of drabbles, many at exactly 100 words and I'm in the process of making sure they're all tagged Right here

5.Your strangest story.
The very aptly named Strange Arrangements"

This is what happens when people tell me their dreams. I end up with a House/Cuddy baby and Wilson banging the nanny up against the vanity.

6. Your most unpleasant story.
Tales From The Crypt A CSI-NY fic written for mmom, The Merry Month of Masturbation 2007, featuring Sid Hammerback being quite creepy.

7. The story that surprised you the most with its reception.
I’m still immensely gratified by the reaction to Don’t Know When, the first thing I ever wrote in the Who-verse. I was positive that Jack/Algy had been done and done to death, and yet this story is still getting recs nearly a year after I first posted it.

I was also stunned by the Massive Wank that broke out when I posted Heat Wave at house_wilson .

8. Your funniest story.
Someone’s Got To Do It still makes me laugh. I love Mike Rowe, but Dirty Jobs totally had it coming.

9. Your most angst-ridden story.
Three way tie—All House/Wilson.
The First Lie A first time/infarction story, that grew out of a drabble.
Darkness On The Edge Of Town How dark is it? I managed to make bleakness out of All In.
When It Really Mattered Maybe my darkest H/W ever.

10. Your most smutty story.
Redemption Song
a/k/a-The Chasefic that ate my life. I think this has the most consecutive smutty scenes to appear in any one of my fics. Basically a story where Chase screws his way through PPTH to redeem his sexual reputation.
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