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No! No! No! No! House-stuff-Spoilery for spoilers

Possibly unpopular opinion to follow.

As House told Cameron in "Lines In The Sand".

I will never, ever EVER accept the so-called reveal from ODOR.

House lied to SRV. TWICE!

House's dad's "brutality" consists of always telling the truth.

If they attempt to canonize and especially sexualize the so-called abuse, I will be one very unhappy House-frau.

Watch Daddy's Boy again. The "abuse" is something the 3rd season crack-monkeys pulled out of their asses and it's bullshit. Even if they get R. Lee Ermey to film flashbacks of it happening, I STILL won't accept it.

I'd prefer a House/Cam wedding with cameo guest appearances by Vogler, Tritter and Stalker!Chick.

I can't even tell you how much this crap pisses me off. If they ruin the H/W stuff with this, I swear, there will be a canon-subversion rampage the likes of which you have never seen.
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