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Meme A Day 2008-Day 290- Fandom Characters On LJ Meme

Ganked from chicafrom3

Pick 10 characters from whatever fandoms you like -- and pick LJ usernames for them. Don't peek at the questions until you've made your list!

1. Jack Harkness (Dr. Who/Torchwood) omni_dude
2. Gregory House (House MD) vicidoc
3. The Master (Dr. Who) say_my_name
4. Gene Hunt (Life On Mars) the_guv
5. Owen Harper (Torchwood) helluvadoc
6. Lisa Cuddy (House MD) princeton_babe
7. Donna Noble (Dr. Who) super_temp
8. San Tyler (Life On Mars) am_i_mad
9. Noah Bennet (Heroes) daddy_bear
10. Marshall Flinkman (Alias)techmeister

1) What's the title and subtitle of 4's (Gene Hunt) journal?
Title: Armed Bastard Gazette
Subtitle : Deputy To The Law

2) What does 9's (Noah Bennet)default usericon look like? What other icons does 9 have?

Default icon: Primatech paper logo.
Other icons: Family pix including Claire in her cheerleader outfit, and one of Mr. Muggles.

3) What is 2's (Greg House) favorite community? (real or imagined) How does he/she participate?

weirdshit. People post about weird shit. He sometimes does drafts are papers for medical journals about his cases. No one ever believes him. He also enjoys the picture sights that purport to have celebrities in the nude. He likes to think he can guess who is and who isn't. He's also looking for evidence of plastic surgery or disease.

4) Give us a sample of 5's (Owen Harper) interest list.
sex, orgies, aliens, alien sex orgies, medicine, alcohol.

5) 6 and 1 (Jack Harkness/Lisa Cuddy) get in a virtual slapfight about something. What is it? How does it end?

While ostensibly discussing whether the development of swing dancing during the second world war, they get into a very hot flirtation email chain using various dance steps as metaphors. When he challenges her to come to Cardiff and see some "real moves" she says she has an important job and why doesn't he come to New Jersey and see how it's done. He replies that his job is much more important and she assumes he's being a sexist pig. She tells him to come and talk when he's grown up a little.

6) 10, 3, and 7 (Marshall, The Master, Donna Noble)are co-mods of a community. What is it?
Support group for those who feel underappreciated, and need to post about great things they'e accomplished that they can't tell anyone about.

7) 8 (Sam Tyler) posts a secret to lj_secret or fandomsecrets: what does it look like and what does it say?

Picture of Marc Bolan in full stage regalia.
Text: I Tried To Warn Him. (But he didn't believe me).
Someday you'll understand, but it'll be too late.

8) of 1 (Jack Harkness), 3 (The Master), 5 (Owen Harper), 7 (Donna Noble), and 9 (Noah Bennet), who is most likely to
a) post every meme he/she comes across? Donna
b) flock their entire journal? Noah
c) write pr0n? Jack, of course. (He calls it his memoirs.)
d) get banned from every community he/she signs up at? The Master
e) attract anonymous stalker comments? Jack, because who wouldn't stalk him?

9) 2 (House) and 6 (Cuddy) are in a relationship IRL, but 8 (Sam Tyler)finds out that 10 (Marshall)has been sending sexy PMs to 2 (House). 8 (Sam Tyler) asks 4's (Gene Hunts) advice, and 4 (Gene Hunt) blurts out the gossip all over his/her LJ. Write a little of the comment thread that follows.

the_guv Oh yeah-big bloody secret. Who didn't figure that those two've been shagging each other since the bloody stone age?
am_i_mad Didn't mean you were supposed to go blabbing like a schoolgirl.
the_guv Watch your gob there Tyler, or I'll show you a few things about schoolgirls. You still got that uniform in your closet.
am_i_madZOMG. Shut the fuck up.
vicidocI'm impressed. I thought we'd covered our tracks.
princeton_babeYou call constant jokes about my ass covering our tracks.
vicidoc hiding in plane sight, babe.
techmeisterhey, if I'd known, I'd never have...I didn't know.
the_guvshut your gob, you poncy loser.
princeton_babe don't pick on him you big bully.
vicidocyeah, he's working on some really cool new drugs for me.
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