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Happy Birthday aithlyn (And a House-Drabble)

Happy Birthday to one of the many LJ-ers I've had the pleasure to meet! You do light up my life and give me hope...etc etc.

And here's a birthday drabble for you. Spoilery if you haven't seen Birthmarks.

Title: All Good Gifts
Characters: House/Wilson/Chase
Wordcount: 100
Rating: G
Summary: Just a post-Ep for Birthmarks, Chase POV.

Chase watched House and Wilson leave the hospital together ; their familiar walking pattern restored, although he had to wonder what damage remained under the surface joviality.

He knew what it meant to love an addict. Even back when Chase envied Wilson’s closeness to House, he’d had a good idea of what it must cost Wilson. Only recently did he realize that Wilson was capable of inflicting his own wounds and gave up feeling sorry for him.

It’s a lucky man who finds the perfect companion.

House may not believe in God, but God was still looking out for him.
Tags: birthday, drabble, fanfic, house md, house/wilson, robert chase

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