karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Somebody slap me

I am feeling really, really depressed.
It's pathetic, really.
I posted my 80's Angst House-fic on Housefic and House_Slash and got basically, nothing, nada, nunca, zip, zilch.
I feel totally rejected by the cool kids.
It's high school all over again and Barry doesn't love me.
OK, I'm ahem 41 years old. This is ridiculous but there it is.
Please someone read my fic and tell me you like it.
Or tell me you don't like, but tell me WHY you don't like it.
I know no-ones supposed to flame on these things but I can handle some
constructive criticism even though I obviously sound like a whiny cry baby right now.
So what I really need is someone to come over and talk some sense into me (virtual slap.)
Tags: comment whore, journal, whinging, whining

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