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Eleven Days to "Come As You're Not"

For those who have recently friended me and may now know, we're having a Halloween Fan Fic Party called Come As You're Not .

I'm hoping you'll all attend, both as writers and readers.

I'll be loading up the virtual Chelsea Drug Store Van (I traded in the old Pick-up on something a little more Torchwoodian) and hitting The Price Club, Bi-Rite, The Poor Side Of Town, and any other venues necessary to provide whatever nibbles, libations and recreational drugs my guests might interested in. If you'd like to make request for any or all of the above: Now's The Time.

Also, I'm still interested in doing playlists for the party, but so far I haven't had any musical contributions. Maybe it's just the kind of party where people are having so much fun reading and talking about the fics that there's no interest in the music, which is fine. Cause I play John Barrowman, Bobbby Darin, and a few other of my personal favorites ALL NIGHT!


Meanwhile...yuletide is on the verge of opening up nominations for this year's
fandoms. If you haven't joined the comm, I'd strongly advise doing so now. Like this minute, ESPECIALLY if you want to get your favorite obscure fandom nominated.
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