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Happy House Day

No tizzies this week. I've seen the promo and I'm less than thrilled, but not in the same way as feeling that something is going to happen that will violate my essential understanding of the show. This just looks like further proof really is a Cammerclone. Do these people not know that we've SEEN Hunting? Do they think we'll be so titillated by girl!sex that we'll fall in love with their miserable excuse for a character? I think not.


Still a little sore in the legs and butt, but not half bad under the circumstances.


I can't find my keys. AGAIN. It's insane because I got into the apartment on Sunday after the 1/2 marathon and then I couldn't find them when I wanted to go out a few hours later. They have to be in the apartment, and I can't find them. Hubby actually went out on his crutches to get new keys made, which means the old ones will reappear shortly, I assume. I hate it when this shit happens. It's like I have a black hole where my brain should be.


Really, really tired. I feel like I could go home and totally crash.
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