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House babble for Lucky Thirteen.

First of all, I feel the need to mention that recrudescence wrote a Thirteen/Amber fanfic called Lucky Thirteen for (wouldn't you know it?) last year's Come As You're Not party, and it was considerably more entertaining than about 90% of what we saw onscreen tonight.

You're not even Cameron on Meth, because Meth!Sex with Chase was hot, and the little snippets of Thirteen's "wild, downward spiral, were so NOT HOT! Aside from whatever I feel about the character, as in hate, I think there's a really undeniable fact that Olivia Wilde is in over her head acting-wise. As in mannequin like in her inability to express emotions.

By the way, you're not Cameron in Acceptance EITHER! So your whole "bonding with the patient" thing didn't impress me either.

The only moments that really worked for me with Thirteen were, and I'm almost sorry to say it, the stuff with Foreman. Olivia and Omar do seem to have chemistry and if they go for "Foreteen," (Thanks michelleann68) I probably won't ship it, but I might drop the hatred by a fraction of an iota.

You're not even Cameron being a bitch to Annika in Deception. You're just an obnoxious wench.

On the other hand, the House/Thirteen scenes were snooze material. In fact, I actually got the feeling that Hugh Laurie was phoning it in this week after the incredible job he did in the previous episode. Not only did the stuff with House and Thirteen fall flat, even the House/Wilson stuff did not very much for me, which I will blame on the writing.

The entire H/W plot felt exactly like Newbie fanfic. Like someone who might have come on board in late Season three with no real understanding of the characters and no idea of what they've actually been through together and done to eachother. Did anybody fall for the hooker story for two seconds and if they didn't how the hell are we supposed to believe House did? The only way it could have been slightly convincing is if they'd flown Robin in from the Island of Lost Plot Points. As it was...just plain lame. Yes, we know House is obsessed with Wilson and will act like a miserable prick if there's even a hint of Wilson being happy without him. We get it, but the writing and as I said, even the acting just wasn't there on Hugh's side. RSL played the hell out of it, including faking the famous Wilson adolescent voice break, but it the service of such a lame plot, it just felt flat and bogus.

Except, the House/PI Guy and House/Foreman scenes did work. I know, that makes no sense at all, but I loved House/Foreman at Thirteen's place and the elevator scene, but THE BEST SCENE IN THE WHOLE EPISODE: (DRUM ROLL PLEASE)....Foreman/Chase. That was well-written, well-directed and beautifully acted. Jesse Spencer fucking ROCKS. Will somebody either give Chase something to do or give Jesse Spencer his own series, because this is bull-shit.

By the way, please stop trying to convince me that House has the "solution" at 8:40PM.

So now Cuddy's adopting a baby, which PI Guy never found out about when he sniffing around her? Really? Oh well. I did like House completely reverting to miserable prick because it felt like "real House," especially if he's worried about any kind of Wilson/Cuddy baby bonding.

Oh dear god in heaven, NOT another round of "Fetal Position." And if this is how they're going to do House/Cuddy, I don't think either H/Cam or H/W shippers (if they want canon) have anything to worry about.

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