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You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals...

OK, so I've obviously been spending too much time watching This video on my Ipod. But why not? It's the best way to see all the nekkid Hugh Laurie bits from Maybe Baby and Forty-Something without actually having to re-watch either of them, something I intend never to do again as long as I live. Also, if I can get the lyrics down well enough it would be an awesome number to wow the gang at the Mint with.

Hubby and I are going out for celebration oysters tonight. My birthday and his disability check. We're probably going to Wodehouse Seafood. Sadly I will not be able to have the do-it-yourself lemonade with consists of lemon juice, icewater and carafe of simple syrup, and has the same effect as mainlining glucose. Since I'm still holding out against the freakin' Godiva Chocolate store right downstairs from my office as well as the various yummy baked goods available in the Financial District, this would not be a good idea.


Plans for weekend include heading up to Mervyns to score some more Gloria Vanderbilt's before they totally go out of busines. Hubby wants me to pick up some jeans for him at the Gap or the Levi Store. He claims to still be a 32/32, although I'm dubious about at least one of those 32's.

I also want to get to the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building tomorrow. Reallyreally need to get the healthy food thing going again. I'm even starting to think that I could start going back to the gym in a few weeks. Hubby seems to be doing well enough at making his own tea and stuff in the morning. Right now my big job is to go down and get him bagels. I can have some English muffins in the house, which he could toast on his own, I think.


How did I watch last weeks Numb3rs and NOT RECOGNIZE Monrena Baccarin in a guest role? I'm not saying I would have gotten the name, but I should at least have screamed "OMG, It's Inara from Firefly!" I didn't get it AT ALL. Thanks to The Original Spy at Recapist for cluing me. I like her Numb3rs recaps. Her Don/Robin shipping isn't quite as annoying as her Ianto-insanity.

My only excuse for not recognizing her is the short hair. (Or that I'm lame.)

If you're a Heroes fan and you're NOT reading Jack Coleman's blog at Television Without Pity, I highly recommend you start now, and go back and read all the previous ones. Only five so far, easy to catch up. #1 even has a Hugh Laurie reference. Even I weren't crazy about Noah Bennet and had very fond feelings about Jack as Steven Carrington back in his Dynasty days, I could fall in love with him just for the Palin snark and this passage from the most recent entry:

[Quick sidebar: the war on elite. What the hell is wrong with our country that elite is somehow a bad thing. Snobbery is one thing, but it is a different thing. Elite is good. It means training. It means... gasp!... learning! Actually knowing something about your area of so-called expertise and not just freakin' wingin' it according to your gut. Special forces are elite. Neuro-surgeons are elite. And who is it that uses the word "elite" as a weapon? The elite. The elite who benefit from keeping Joe Sixpack voting against his own interests. Talk about the pot calling the kettle Ivy League! OK. End of sidebar. Can you tell it's the political season?]

He just seems to be an incredibly cool guy with a great sense of humor about himself and his career. Knowing this makes me even happier that I wrote Jack/Noah Crossover Fic back in June, which feels like a really long time ago.


Life on Mars (UK) ficcers and fans (and how much do I HATE having to put that UK tag in there?) anyway...there's a Drabble Challenge going on at lifein1973. It's in "tree" style, where you start a drabble with the last word of someonne else's drabble.

Jump on board
Take a ride
(You'll be doin' it all right)


Do we love the Sarah Palin $150,000 clothing story to death OR WHAT? And let's not be calling sexism, Sarah, especially when you refuse to even identify as a feminist. John Edwards took the hit for his $400.00 hair-cut, so don't even try that shit!

It looks like Keith Olbermann is going to do a "campaign comment" every night from here to the election. He's not calling them "special comments" because obviously if he does it every night, it's not special.


So much love to everyone who emailed, called, posted shiny things, wrote fic, or even thought about me yesterday. Considering I had to spend my birthday on the Desk of Doom, it wasn't half bad. (Except when Problem Child #1 had his admin call to see if I could get his daughter's ticket upgraded....on a flight we didn't even book!!!)

There will be a full tally of birthday loot, including fic and icon pimpage on Monday to avoid the weekend vortex.
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