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Heroes Babble for Dying Of The Light

Starting with Claire for being a pissy wench to mom, who totally rocked by pulling out the "One of us, one of them," line. You go, mom.

Although even before that Mohinder pissed me off by doing the voice-over instead of Nathan. GIVE ME THE PASDAR VOICE BACK!!! BTW, thanks to joanne_c, I just learned that Adrian Pasdar is married to Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks, and is even one of the cops in the Goodbye Earl video. So fucking cool!

Doyle pissed me off by being creepy and and being mean to fire-mommy. Don't fuck with fire-mommy, dude.

Unfortunately Claire and Mom's "plan" was idiotic and pretty much designed to end up the way it did. Claire almost redeemed herself by doing the "let's play the regeneration" card, but then blew it by being a pissy wench to Noah. GET OVER YOURSELF CLAIR!!!!

Matt managed to piss me off by NOT using his telepathy to figure out what Daphne was up to, and by talking to the tortoise a bit too much, although Greg Grunberg is all kinds of adorable.

Sylar and Peter were my hate!sex OTP for about five seconds and Sylar was totally my hero for telling Peter "It's not about you." I've been waiting to hear that for two years. Unfotunately the sight of Zachary Quinto's hairy chest put me right off any of that.

Nathan's not-so-hairy chest is quite another story. Yum. Yum. Yum. Unfortunately Nathan and Tracy were both fucking idiots by not using some spidey sense to tell that Mohinder was a fucked-up half-insect lunatic.

Normally, I would nominate Hiro for BIGGEST IDIOT IN THE EPISODE, but since he's always an idiot that seems pointless.

So, with seconds to go...the BIGGEST IDIOT IN THE EPISODE turns out to be ....PETER for falling for the "come to Daddy" ploy. SCHMUCK!

Papa Petrelli Rocks! Robert Forster FTW!!!

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