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Adventures in karaoke and Barrowmania

And crossposting. Six different comms. Apologies to anyone who's actually a member of all of them. Comment addiction isn't pretty, and you need to walk as many streets as you can find.

So...I get to the Mint at around four and there is nobody there. OK, not exactly nobody. Rockin' Vince, Daddy Dave, (the KJ) and Jim the Bartender. That's it. But apparently Vince and Daddy were already singing, so I jumped right in and got in a bunch of songs while I could, some of which totally tanked, but at least I was among a small group of friends.

Bob, my attempted Barrowmania conversion from last week showed up. He hasn't watched Putting It Together yet, but says he will.

Things did pick up around 5:00PM with some larger groups, and by 7PM the joint was jumping. That's when I went outside to pick up messages and heard (gasp!)a British accent. I scoped out the speaker and kept an eye on him once we were inside. It took about 45 minutes to slink my way over and start a conversation, the point of which was "I'm obsessed with John Barrowman," to which his first reply was,

"You do know he's gay, right?"

After that talked about British TV vs American, touching on LOM, State Of Play, Who, Blackadder (BIG BLACKADDER FAN. Said he cried at the end of series 4) and a few others. I didn't even get to drop Spooks, but he knew all about Barrowman. Mentioned several times not only that he was a "beautiful man," but that from everything he'd heard and seen, John was "incredibly nice." This jibes with what my impression is and runs counter to the few nay-sayers who have cropped up on fandomsecrets to talk trash about the man.

Fine. I'm a raving lunatic, but it was a really cool moment and Michael said it made his night and reminded him of home. I managed to refrain from whipping out a Union Jack and whistling "Rule Britannia."

Song List:
No Surrender-Bruce Springsteen.
Try To Remember-The Fantastics
They Call The Wind Maria-Paint Your Wagon
Solitaire-Laura Brannigan
Is This The Way to Amarillo-Tony Christie
I Can't Decide-Scissor Sisters-(I can't tell you how much fun this is to do, aside from the extra fun of associating it with the Master.)
Uncle John's Band-The Grateful Dead

The weirdest thing about my evening was knowing there were two straight men in my apartment watching baseball. Hubby's decided to get all into baseball and seems to have "an healthy obsession with male-bonding" all of a sudden. So I got to bring home sushi for him and Ivan. We also watched some of the Amazing Race, the appeal of which eludes me. But I love Ivan so it's ok.

ETA-My two best lines from last night.

To Jim, after he ordered some Chinese food in hopes of seeing a cute delivery boy from the restaurant:

"You do know you only get to eat the food?"

To Bob, who was whining about not getting laid because he isn't overtly "gay" enough.

"There has to be some middle ground between high drag and "Hi, Sailor."
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