karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Birthday Loot-Fic Pimping

Thanks to EVERYONE who put up any kind of bday posts for me including cute puppies, yummy confections and Shiny Icons , as well as people who called, emailed, and included birthday wishes in comments.

Goodies arrived from the UK, Cyprus and Seattle, making me the proud owner of Modern Policing by DCI Gene Hunt, some nice decorations, and OMG! Torchwood Magazine Yearbook, as well as postcards from the RSC production of Hamlet with David Tennant.

I'll spare you the whole Karen Carpenter imitation right now, but I really wouldn't last a day without you. (Awwwwww, schmoopy.)

And now the fic pimpage. God I love getting birthday fic, and sharing it with my f-list. *Rubs hands together while chortling in manaical glee.* Go. Read. Comment.

Winning The Battle
Awesome Life On Mars/Dr. Who crossover fic by my beloved hllangel pitting one Harold Saxon against the Guv himself in a war of the wills, among other hot, nasty, delightful things. Brilliant, bloody wonderful stuff.

Less Determined Men Would Call It Fate Heroes fic from the "OMG, HOW DOES SHE KEEP DOING IT????" mad skillz of paperclipbitch who followed up on my plea for Nathan/Noah and made it oh so dark and angsty and yummy as Claire's two daddies deal with one close encounter a long time ago. Bonus love for an appearance by Claude.
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