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I hate my job....international edition.

I know it's House Day, but I'm really not very happy.

Air India has a canceled a flight on November 12 from Singapore to Delhi. I don't know for 100% sure, but it seems likely that they've done this because they haven't sold enough seats on the flight to make it worth their while. Unfortunately two of the seats they have sold belong to one of my attorneys and his daughter.

Air India has no other direct flights that day. The best replacement they were trying to offer me was a connection that required a CHANGE OF AIRPORTS! I had two different reservation agents hang up on me, before I made contact with the NY Sales office, who referred me to the SF Sales Office and finally a very helpful agent named Zarine.

There is a flight on Singapore Airlines that goes a few hours later and is pretty much the only acceptable option. Air India does have a code-share with the Singapore flight, but they only get a limited number of seats and those are sold out even though the flight is showing available. So I'm hoping Zarine can get someone to authorize a seat to make good a problem caused by Air India. I haven't even told the client yet, because I really want to be able to say "this is what happened and this is what I've done for you." END OF STORY.

But I just talked to Zarine again, and basically she's bargaining with other agents to get me this seat, so I'm waiting to see if someone else cancels and that's the only way I can resolve this. FUCK FUCK FUCK.

Seriously. I hate this job. Don't even get me started on everybody trying to change their flights AFTER I got them business class approvals based on discounted fares on specific flights.


So far the bright spot was having a Barrowman conversation with the guy at Calendar Club UK, who took my order for my 2009 Torchwood and Barrowman calendars and also laughed at me for ordering a Cliff Richard Calendar.
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