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Random stuff-Happy Obama Night!

I'm not ungrateful-I'm just flakey.

Thanks much to the lovely folks who gave me virtual gifts, which are currently on display in my profile. daasgrrl and toddyboi, you both rock.

Plus, in case you were wondering what fabulously romantic gift Hubby got me? He went to the trouble of ordering the replacement battery for my lap-top that I've only been bitching about for six months if not more.


I told the client about Air India situation and he was actually pretty cool. Not thrilled of course, but he definitely gets that this is not my fault and he appreciated how hard I was working to try and resolve the problem. I had been afraid he'd turn out like Problem Child #1 and it was making me sick worrying about it. I haven't gotten into the Jelly Bellys or the brownies, but it was getting close.



So far the only food/libation/drug requests have been Red Wine, Retcon, and Brain Bleach. I realize that will make for quite a fun party, but I feel like I have to offer some kind of solid food besides candy corn. I don't care HOW MUCH you like candy corn. It will make you sick after awhile.

Also...I'm still looking for music suggestions. Unless you really want to spend seven days listening to my taste in music....make me a playlist. Because seriously, I have enough Bobby Darin and Cliff Richard to go indefinitely. (I'm entrusting hllangel to make the Barrowman mix.)

Speaking of Barrowman, as I so frequently am. I was ordering my John and Torchwood (and a Cliff) calendar yesteray, which actually entailed calling the UK and having YET ANOTHER Barrowman conversation with the guy taking my order.


Alias and Life On Mars (UK) have both been rejected from yuletide as being either not rare or not obscure enough. *POUT* Luckily, I still have high-apple pie in the sky hopes for State of Play and Posh Nosh.


I have GOT to get back to the gym and start working on my novel again. This is the last week of sloth on both those fronts. I think hubby is doing well enough that I don't NEED to be there when he wakes up. He can get himself into the living room and make his own tea. He CAN get downstairs to buy bagels, but I'm thinking I'll also buy some English muffins, creamcheese and lox so he can have it that way.

It's two and a half months to the Squeeeeeeee Odyssey and I need to be in some kind of shape.
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