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Meme A Day 2008-Day 305-Ten Things I'll Never Apologize For-Fandom Meme

Ganked from rolleson

Pick a fandom and tell the world what you will never apologize for.

Ten Things I Will Never Apologize For In New Who/Torchwood Fandom

1. Thinking Stephen Moffet is a genius.
If he'd only written The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances giving us the real Captain Jack in all his morally ambiguous, omni-sexual glory, he'd be my hero forever AND if he'd only created the brilliance of Blink, including the fabulous characters of Sally Sparrow and Billy Shipton as well as giving me a fear of statues, I'd still think he was amazing. Having done both of those things earns him a spot in my personal pantheon. Silence In The Library and Forest of the Dead weren't QUITE up to that standard, but I will brook not criticism of him as a rubbish writer and certainly not as a sexist.

2.Believing that Jack wants/loves Gwen Cooper as much, if not more, than any feelings he has for Ianto.
He does not "love her like a sister/daughter." He WAS palpably longing during the wedding and lusting during the shooting scene. There is an element of familial love in all his relationships that we've seen, but it doesn't mean he has no intention of pushing her up against a wall as soon as possible.

3. Completely forgiving Gwen Cooper in advance for anything that will ever happen with Jack, (and vice versa) whether Rhys is in the picture or not.

It's JACK!!!!

3. Believing that Christopher Eccleston was a better Doctor.
I love David Tennant and I love Ten and I love him as Ten. BUT---Eccleston was always the Doctor with no hint of the actor/fanboy peeking through, which isn't something you can say for David. I like that David has fun with it, but there's levels of intensity that Eccleston had because of his complete immersion in the part that I think are missing in some of Tennant's episodes. On the other hand, there's still nothing like Billie Piper and David Tennant smiling at each other.

5. Thinking that large chunks of Dr. Who Series 3 were crap.
I love Martha Jones, I really do, but I think she got some lousy scripts, as well as having to deal with Dr. Mopey.
Daleks in Manhattan (Sorry Tallulah, but you really bug me), Evolution of the Daleks, 42, Human Nature, Family of Blood (I HATE seeing Martha get treated like crap in those two and the whole "Sister of Mine thing gets pretty old, pretty fast), and 42. FEH.
Obviously Blink and Utopia come in and salvage the whole thing, but I can get through the good bits of the Series in just a few hours.

6. Not thinking that Owen Harper is a rapist.
I've posted about this in both fic and blog, and I will never apologize for it and I don't freaking care who says I make their skin crawl because of it.

7. Believing that Jack will alway love/want the Doctor more than anybody/anything else including Ianto/Gwen/Estelle/Dead Wife etc etc etc.

WANT! Sexually. He's made it plenty clear plenty of times in both Who and TW. And he's bailed on TW twice, even after he got his "answers" JUST to see/be with the Doctor. He will do it again, and unlike Rose, he doesn't seem too concerned about what the latest regeneration might look like. He loves/wants the Doctor for WHO (haha) he is. PERIOD.

8. Suspecting that being the Doctor's Companion isn't all its cracked up to be.
Time travel, adventure, saving the world etc, but based on Rose, Donna, and Jack's current status, I'm thinking the cost might be a bit too high. Sarah Jane seems to be doing OK, but being stuck with a kid, even a genius one isn't MY idea of good time, even if you do get the tin dog in the bargain.

9. Loving Owen Harper-and believing Jack does too, emotionally and physically.
Even when he was supposed to be bastard, (although not a rapist) and when he was sometimes being a jerk, and especially when he was kicking a certain self-righteous prig in the head, and then when he got killed and came back, I loved him. (Not the way, I love Jack, but maybe even moreso because of that, if you know what I mean.)

And anyone who thinks Jack doesn't want a piece of that needs to watch the redemption hug in End Of Days, Various bits of Dead Man Walking and A Day in the Death and especially the Owen section of Fragments. Jack is Jack and watch those hands, baby.

(And lets not haul out the "son/brother" thing there either.)

10. Hating Ianto and J/I.
*shrug* You already know the reasons. Stay tuned for my Halloween fic in which Jack says I Love You to Ianto and believes it.

Ten Things I Will Never Apologize for In House MD Fandom

1. Loving Dr. Greg House
From the minute he quoted "The Philosopher Jagger," this has been the character I relate to and love and love writing the most. Even when he's treating other characters I love like shit and being a bastard and isn't that well-written or I think Hugh is phoning it in, he's still MY BASTARD.

2. Hating the Newbies/wanting FCC back as the fellows.
I realize the ship has sailed, but as long as the credits haven't changed and Omar, Jesse and Jennifer are still there, I have hope. FCC/House had chemistry among themselves and each other that has yet to be manifested by any of the New Kids in separate/apart/with Hosue or in a total black out. Nothing. Nada. Go away.

3. Worshipping at the altar of Seasons 1 & 2.
Thanks to USA, I seem to be able to watch those episodes nearly nonstop without having to pop out the DVDS and the more I watch them, the more brilliant they are. That's the show I fell in love with, funny, witty, tight, subtexty. Clinic duty! Medical mysteries that were actually interesting. Wilson's hair. House's smile. Characters interacting with each other in interesting ways. House/Wilson that could suggest everything while revealing nothing.

4. Believing in H/W.
Not just a tin hat, thank you very much.
House and Wilson were/are/or will be fucking at some point. It's crystal clear from the first episode. It's not just a friendship. Even when they're not being friends, the sexual chemistry exists. Blame Hugh and Bobby or blame the brilliance of the writers in Seasons 1/2, but it's there.

5. Never, ever, ever wanting H/W to be onscreen canon.
The closer they get to acknowledging what's going on, the worse the show gets. That's not subtext, that's fanservice and it stinks.

6.Believing that H/W fluff is a lie.
They might have a few light moments, but inherent conflicts will always come in to undermine it. Wilson is a cheater. House is a drug addict. Those issues and the various sub-issues are always there. Writing fic that implies that either one can change enough to be "happy" is wrong and makes me sick.

7.Embracing Stacy Warner
I still hate what she did to House, and I continue to fanonize that she did it out of some fairly venal emotions beyond just thinking it was the best thing at the time.
However, my recent re-watch of Series 2, makes me want her back on the canvass desperately, mostly to give Cuddy someone who's actually on her side, which neither House nor Wilson is even when Wilson/Cuddy are in conspiracy mode.

8.Believing that H/Cameron isn't entirely impossible.
I know this makes me a bad H/W shipper, but I think that the writers and Hugh's acting have continued to leave enough breadcrumbs for this to be plausible. No, I don't believe he can have true love or fluffy happy stuff with her either, but I think they would still be more acceptable as temporary on-screen canon than H/W, especially because of the subtexty angst it would put in the H/W relationship.

9. Not crying when Amber died.
I thought Anne Dudek did some good acting, especially in Don't Ever Change, but I didn't care about Amber as a character and I never believed in Amber/Wilson's relationship because we never saw the development. (Yeah, it's because of the strike, but that doesn't change what we did or didn't see on screen.) I know they needed to keep it for the reveal, but one shot of him approaching her sympathetically at the end of Games, would have made a lot of difference.

10. Staying with the fandom, even when it sounds like I'm only around to bitch.
I'm not the kind of slut who runs out on a show just because it pisses me off. I retain the right to bitch and babble consistently while staying true to the show and the fandom.

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