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Meme A Day 2008-Day 307-Anonymous Feedback Meme

Ganked from mad_jaks

Ever wonder if people are holding back from telling you what they really think of your writing?

It’s often hard to leave feedback in a public forum without censoring ourselves, or being afraid of offending somebody.

Here you can share the love, or air your true opinions without that pesky face-to-face (or ah, username-to-username) issue - the point is to be completely honest.

My name is RIGHT HERE


01. Comment to this post with your username if you write fanfiction.
02. People will reply anonymously about your writing. Only put your username down if you’re prepared to take the comments, both good and bad. Hopefully you’ll gain something from the experience.
03. Pimp! Copy the link to your comment thread, put it in the code below, and post it to your journal.

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