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Vacation report-Part 2

Arrival at Maui was low-key. The flower-lei greeters were there, but they don’t kiss you any more if they ever did. Waiting for baggage. Waiting for shuttle. Because the flight came in early, the room at Lahaina Shores wasn’t ready. So we went out in the heat, me in black sweats and long sleeves from the flight.

Our first meal in Maui was at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Sitting by the window, ocean breezes. Pretty awesome. My first non-alcoholic umbrella drink of the trip. Oldies music (50’s thru 80’s) Not a bad burger either. Our waitress didn’t seem very happy. Paradise isn’t paradise for everybody.

Then we went on the hunt for Hubby’s Uke. My husband plays guitar, mandolin, banjo, recently took up fiddle and even more recently has become obsessed with the Ukulele. He came to Maui knowing he was going to by a Kamaka eight string ukulele for over $1000.00. He had the money budgeted so there wasn’t much I could do but schlep along after him as we looked for Lahaina Music. He thought he knew the address and directions and was totally wrong about both.

On the plus side we found out where the local Safeway was, as well as the big shopping center: Lahaina Cannery. On the minus, I was walking way too much in my sandals and already acquiring a blister on my big toe. Back on the plus, I was too hot and tired to think about how much money he was spending. We did manage to get a cab back although we had to wait for the driver to do something at a hair salon in the same strip-mall that Lahaina Music was in.

We got back to the hotel, got into our room and immediately headed out for the hot tub. Oh joy. Oh rapture. Not a bit of sarcasm. I probably spent more happy time in the hot tub by the pool than any other thing we did on the trip.

#2 would be the amount of time I spent on line with you guys. Of course it took awhile for my technodorktastic self to get set up with the internet service in my hotel. Cheap at $40.00 per week. High speed, but not wireless, but I was able to fulfill my dream of being on-line on the lanai. It took a lot of cord stretching, so I actually spent most of my on-line time at the small table in our room. The important thing is I was on-line. Posting to LJ, emailing, chatting, and finding out that my story had finally been posted at the house_femfest. So happy.

I tore myself away to join matt in the first of many walks through Lahaina Town as his indulged his Aloha Shirt shopping fetish. I love my husband dearly, but he shops like a girl. We chose Lahaina because it’s more like a real city and you can get around without a car, unlike Kaanapali which is only resorts and you’re completely trapped there. The downside is that it’s also tacky tourist hell. As if you came to San Francisco and spent most of your time on Fisherman’s Wharf.

Monday I woke up much earlier than Hubby giving me time to check crack a/k/a story comments. If you guys want to know why I pimp my stories so desperately, it’s because I’m not kidding about being a comment crackwhore. I could have spent hours just chatting with River and emailing my friends.

Hubby had a list of stuff he wanted to do on vacation. Just hanging out in the room, being on-line and going to hot-tub isn’t enough for him. So we spent some time and money with Chip who looked exactly like the lead in “Tao of Steve” and sounded a lot like him too. He even put up with Hubby saying “I saw it cheaper on the internet, about a motorcycle rental, which made my travel agent self cringe.

Then we got in a cab to the Hyatt Regency in Kaanapali, because I booked the Haleakala trip through the Pleasant Hawaiian package and we had to go their desk at the Regency to reconfirm. Our cab was driven by Kathy, who gave us her card and sort of be became our on-call chauffeur for the day. Cabs are really expensive in Maui and if you leave Lahaina, you spend big bucks.

At the Hyatt we talked to the extremely pleasant Dianna who we found knitting at the Pleasant Hawaiian desk. We reconfirmed the Downhill and bought some tickets for the aquarium. We walked around the resort a bit and reminded ourselves how happy we were to be in our slightly downscale property with a Murphy bed in the room and restaurant on property, rather than a beautiful sprawling, expensive, mall where we were in over our heads even though the room had been free. We had a quick meal at Pavilions and then called Kathy to take us to the aquarium. Very expensive cab ride. You don’t even want to know.

It’s a nice aquarium. Not Monterey Bay (no mammals) but nice. Nice undersea tunnel and the jellyfish exhibit was mesmerizing. I couldn’t resist saying “But they’re not singing reggae.” I love aquariums. I could watch fishies for hours. I love them like I love botanical gardens. Hubby says it’s the same thing. Fish are just flowers that swim. It was still a lot of cab fare to see fish. Mr. Karaokegal says we can afford it.

Cathy was waiting for us when we were done and took us to Safeway. We had a room with a full kitchen and I had delusions of cooking so we wouldn’t go out for as many meals. We got the groceries back to the room and then went out to rent Boogie Boards from Mr. Goto, the surf guru next door to the hotel. Warm water. I was in the Pacific Ocean in warm water at five in the afternoon. Unbelievable feeling. Where I live in San Francisco the Pacific Ocean is very, very cold. Unfortunately the beach near our hotel was full of very sharp coral. I immediately sliced up my legs something fierce. Thank god I was wearing surf booties, so I didn’t do as much damage to my feet.

WE returned the boards and headed back to the hot tub until it got dark and Matt was lured back out by the siren song of the Aloha shirt. I managed to talk him out of a cab ride to Kihei to see Willie K, apparently a must-see experience. Then I had a small scale melt-down because I was sure I’d bought English Muffins at Safeway and I couldn’t find them. I had this whole “I’m gonna make sandwiches” delusion going on and the ubiquitous ABC stores don’t have anything as practical as bread. Liquor, Candy, Chips and lots of Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts. No bread.

Livewire, the local internet café was selling individual wrapped English Muffins for $1.75 each. I was tempted, but resisted. We had to get up the next morning at 5:00AM for the snorkeling and I wanted to be able to cook something. Hubby reminded me we had cereal, so I chilled out.

Left a wake up call for 5:00AM and went to sleep to the sound of waves and my husband coughing. I’d been sick for two weeks before we left and was just about better. Hubby started coughing two days before we left.

Vacation report-Part 3
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