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The power of Barrow-mania compels you...

I wore my John Barrowman t-shirt to the Mint yesterday with the specific intention of either converting new-comers or trolling for fellow believers. I was very close to standing on stage and offering a drink to anyone who knew who John was (aside from the folks I'm already working on.) I didn't go that far, but as I was singing "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You," (Andy Williams version, bad choice, too low.) I saw people in the front pointing at me and heard someone say, "Oh my god, it's him."

Turned out there was a whole cluster of them right in the front, and two of them are LJers as well! Greetings to my new friends faireblondie and eeyoredragon, who is ALSO a Housefrau. How cool is that. We had some major-league John Squeeeeeeeee, and I was totally ecstatic. So thanks again hllangel for bringing me back the shirt from the UK.

I had a good time in general, hanging out with Bob, Donatello, Sebastian, Daddy Dave and Rockin' Vince. Fabulous night all around.

All About You-McFly
I'll Never Find Another You-The Seekers (requested by Bob)
Get Up, Stand Up-Bob Marley
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You-Andy Williams

Plus I actually hauled ass back to the gym this morning. Hubby says he's ok with my being out of the house before he wakes up, so I'm going for it. And I'm back to my veggie juice for breakfast. Hoping to really tighten up on the food again. I crashed too early last night to finish my Jeeves fic, but I might even work on it today if things aren't too crazy and tonight I'm committed to putting in some time on my Novel, which will obviously have to become Novel 2009, instead of Novel 2008. Oh well. I'm still going and that's what matters.

Next run: Run Wild For A Child, (Formerly Run To The Far Side.)
See www.rhodyco.com

Maybe I'll take another shot at doing an all running 5-K, instead of walk/run/walking the 10-k.

I'm having all sorts of fun reading my responses at the Anonymous Feedback Meme mostly because I'm surprised that what's getting mentioned mostly is the TW stuff, which to me is really a sideline. I thought I was much more known for my House fic and the RPS. No one's mentioned the RPS at all. Go figure. I'm not going to argue anyone's opinion of my actual writing, although there seems to be massive concern that I'm imposing my personal thoughts and feelings on the characters. My favorite comment is "You write like yourself."

I also like the long lecture about how my writing will never get accepted by a publisher. :)

Reminder that the Come As You're Not Halloween party is still going on. New arrivals are showing up in sorts of fabulous costumes and I have a fresh bunch of hot, omni-sexual bartenders dishing out the drinks, so there's plenty of time to come over and rock out with your cock (or whatever else you got)out.
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