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Vacation Report-Part 4

I was literally quivering to get to the computer and start typing. I had to wait until hubby uploaded some pictures. Then I went into a typing frenzy while he napped. I had a first draft done and shipped off to Beta Goddess Carol before we left for the Feast at Lele.

This was one of those “Things that Hubby wants to do” so I said “OK” even though I thought it was just going to be a tacky tourist thing with bad food. I was wrong about the food. It was amazing. Since we did Feast at Lele, instead of Old Lahaina Luau, it was much more intimate and we had real food instead of buffet food. Too much food. Four courses representing Hawaii, New Zealand, Tahiti and Samoa, plus deserts. I tried to pace myself, but wanted to try some of everything, including the poi. The show was….OK. Pretty boys and girls shaking their stuff in skimpy costumes. Sort of 2nd rate Vegas with a touch of cultural insensitivity. Unless you’re super into the food thing, I wouldn’t really recommend it.

We waddled back to the hotel where I was thrilled to find my beta-ed version waiting for me. Clichés busted, typos corrected, B.S. psychological motivations exposed and eradicated. I did the corrections and sent it back for another read-over. When I woke up, it was back again. I did more corrections and posted the story. One of the quickest bunny to posting experiences ever, not including drabbles. Absolutely exhilarating.

I let hubby sleep. Probably too long. We were supposed to pick up a motorcycle at 830AM. I was thinking like a car rental where once it’s booked, they have to hold it. No no no. We got there around 10-ish and they’d given it away. Darryl at Aloha Toy was having a total freak-out because the Cruise Ship was in town and he had about 10 women trying to rent motorcycles, jeeps, etc. He was cool and told us a bike was coming back at noon and he’d hold it for us.

We went back to some of the museums we’d tried to see on the rainy day and found out the reason we couldn’t get in was…that it was raining. They didn’t want us tracking mud and water into the Baldwin Missionary House or the Chinese Cultural Center. Who’da thunk it? At 12N, we went back and got our own Harley Heritage Soft Tail for the day. It took a while to get going because I was wearing my Crocs and realized they would melt and burn my feet, so we had to go back to the hotel. I changed into my sneakers.

The basic idea was to head north (Too late to try for Hana) and look for something called the Blow Hole. (No comments from the peanut gallery.) We didn’t find it but we went all the way north and then came back on this twisty-turny, up and down the mountain, one lane OH MY GOD, WE”RE GONNA DIE!!! road. I’ve never been so glad to see two double yellow lines in my life as I was at the end of that thing. But the views were spectacular and Hubby was really happy we did it, so yay for that.

On the way back, we came through a little town whose name I’m not sure of, but there was a guy in a white car in front of us going veeerrrrryyy slooowwwwly. Hubby decided to pass him and he decided to catch up and curse us out. I was getting worried that this was going to turn into the last scene of Easy Rider, but Mr. Asshole got it out of his system and turned off to go play tennis or something. We went back to Lahaina. I’d been on the road in about 10 times since we got in, but doing it on the back of the bike was the first time I noticed how beautiful the hills are.

We had booked desperately needed massages at Lei Spa. The kind with the hot stones. If I ever get extremely rich, there will be many more massages in my life. My masseur was pretty good, although I thought he was little liberal with the massage oil. He did manage to get the kinks out of my neck, although hopefully not out of my writing. (rim shot.) We followed up with another visit to the hot tub and then some much much much needed apart time.

Hubby went to by co-worker presents and I immediately got on-line to bask in the after-glow of comments. I love you guys so much. After my last few posted stories (Cam/Stacy, Hugh&Bobby, House/Cam/Wilson and the Halloween Wilson/Foreman fic) it was nice to re-affirm my commitment to the House/Wilson True Faith. Maybe that’s why trying to write House/Cuddy was kicking my ass so damn hard.

My sweetie came back with some food from Safeway and we actually used the kitchen to cook dinner. I fell asleep listening to waves.

Vacation Report Finale
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