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Post-Party Post (Clean up and discussion.)

Thanks to everybody who attended either as a writer or a reader.

You guys are awesome and I love you!

First things first, a bit of pimpage. If you only attended the first two or three nights you might have missed some awesome costumes. People were showing up until the very last minute posting stories, so PRETTY PLEASE go back, and see if you can give some goodies to our late-comers. santousha was even kind enough to do a sequel to my rather gorey costume.

The following fandoms were represented, sometimes alone and sometimes in crack-tastic crossover combinations:

House MD
Dr. Who/Torchwood
RPS-Dr. Who
Battlestar Galactica
Life On Mars

Let's clean up and chat. (Please take home as much leftover candy as you like. The Bartenders have to be returned by Friday, except for one I'm shipping to topaz_eyes as a birthday present.)

What was it like to write "out of character?" Hard? Easy? Scary? Do you want to do it again next year? Do you never want to do it again as long as you live?

Did you listen to any of the music or were you too busy looking at costumes?

Were there fandoms you'd never read before that you gave a try or did mostly stick to what you were already familiar with?

Should I do it again next year? If so, what should I change if anything?

And believe me, if I can take the stuff from the Anonymous Feedback meme, I can handle some critiques of my party-throwing skills.
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