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And how was your weekend?

Saturday (in the park and elsewhere).

One of the out-of-town (like way out-of-town) LJers who was attending BASCON, came into the City so I could give them the Official Karaokegal Tour of the Mission and Castro districts of San Francisco, which always ends up at the Mint. It was a sloshy, foggy, rainy day, but that's as good a way to see San Francisco as any.

Hubby joined us for an awesome brunch at Samovar before leaving us to do the schlepping. OMG!!!! Ginger Polenta Waffle. I am so not kidding. This thing is TO DIE FOR!!!

I thought the Mint might be dead when we got there at 3PM, but there was a loud crowd who'd been there since 2 and according to Ted the Bartender they tried to get in at 1PM, but he wasn't ready to open so they all went over to Zeitgeist and did some drinking there. They were...ummm...very effusive in their appreciation and my Out-of-Towner needed almost no encouragement to get up on stage where she belted out You Were On My Mind and Carry On My Wayward Son.

KJ Frank, Yanni, Jim, and smartmunkey were all there to share the fun.



Hubby made his triumphant return to the Mint, where the gang was glad to see him.
He sang Sweet Baby James and hot-footed (or hot-crutched) it out of there. That's when things got a little weird. There was this very hot Asian girl who was wearing black on black, singing emo songs and snogging her girlfriend(?) at the bar. Hubby and I discussed her cuteness and the apparent fact that she was not playing on his team. No sooner had hubby gone bye-bye than I SWEAR TO GOD, this girl came over and grabbed me and started dancing with me. Very provacatively. Or it would have been were I not a total klutz. She was strong though. Had to be half my weight and she was pushing me around like nobody's business, including some "Dirty Dancing" moves.

I was taken aback, and very flattered, but mostly just flustered, so I dedicated "Teacher's Pet" to her a little later.

Sunset Boulevard (for hllangel)
The House I Live In-Frank Sinatra (In honor of Barak Obama's election.)
Way Back Into Love-Music & Lyrics. (It's a duet but I had to do it alone cos no one else knows it.)
Teacher's Pet-Doris Day
I Can't Decide-Scissor Sisters

Hung out with Daddy Dave, Brian the Bartender, Sebastian, Jimmy, Kenny, Anna (the aggressive dancer) and Bob.

I love Bob, but he has got to stop whining when every five second conversation at the bar doesn't turn instantly into love or even a "connection." It's not a conspiracy, dude. You need to put a little more into it and stop writing people off two minutes after you meet them.

When I got home, I FINALLY finished the first draft of a fic that I started in January of 2007. That's right, nearly TWO YEARS on one piece of fanfic. It's still only a first draft and the Beta process is going to take a long time. The fic probably won't see the light of day until next year, but just getting this far is a miracle. The thing runs over 10,000 words and it's the hardest fandom I've ever written in. Jeeves and Wooster, if anyone's interested.


Monday Morning

After I went to the gym (YAY ME!) I was walking to work with my veggie juice in hand when I saw my former manager. I could have put my head down and she never would have seen me, but I decide to smile and say hello. Now what you have to realize is that I left my previous job at a time when there were NO JOBS, because this woman was making my life a living hell. She and I had gone from a great relationship to something that was making the whole office miserable.
And I've been harboring it as a resentment ever since. About FIVE YEARS WORTH.

I decided to so the 12-Steppy thing and just let it go. We talked. We hugged. It was really, really nice. See I'm not a completely vindictive wench.

Then, maybe as some kind of Instant Karma reward, when I got to work I found out I've got next week off. Apparently, I'd booked it last year, and completely forgotten about it. I thought I'd blown out all my PTO (paid time off) during Hubby's hospitalization, but there it was and I've still got it.

Which basically means a whole week to work on yuletide and NOVEL 2008. (Soon to be NOVEL 2009.)
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