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House-babble for Itches

Happy Dancing Time!
I'm not sure it was a great episode, but it was so much better.

Patient of the Week
I was actually interested in the patient, or at least in the diagnosis. All the way through, I thought the agoraphobia was going to turn out to be a sympton that would lead to the diagnosis. Wrong, it was only there for the House parallel, but they kept me guessing the whole way.

Minimal Newbies---13 and Kutner were virtually non-existant, the way they should actually be. Kutner and Taub were proven to be far less competent than original FCC. I still don't care about Taub and his wife or House's manipulation of Taub, but it was far preferable to wallowing in anything having to do with 13 or Kutner.

I know this will be controversial, but I basically liked her, except when I was screaming SHUT THE FUCK UP, CAMERON at the screen, but even that made me happy, because it was in-character Cameron pissing me off. Still being all about the caring and her poor dead husband. And there's character continuity with third season manipulative/bitchy Cam in the Cam/Chase relationship.
I LOVED Cameron having the balls to mention the leg surgery. She looked good too. Hair down and lighter and something resembling cleavage. YOU GO GIRL. (But seriously Camern, STFU!) Yeah, I'm conflicted, I know. Newbie hate will do that to a girl.

Jesse Spencer continues to do so much with so little. He absolutely killed me when he said he couldn't keep chasing her forever, and yet we know he will because he's still the extremely damaged character we know and love, even though he's so much stronger than he used to be.

That's how you do you it people. Clearly in love with each-other to the point of obsession. Plenty of evidence for fucking if you want to see it. BUT, always hurting each other, always slightly at odds. Always using proxies. And never, ever for gods sake, TALKING ABOUT IT. Subtext people. Wilson wanting to piss on House to mark territory as soon as he hears about Cuddy. House going to Wilson's apartment in the middle of the night for gods sake. Cuddy seeing right through Wilson because she knows what's going on. And the kiss on the cheek was awesome.

For a second I actually thought he might be going to Wilson's instead of Cuddy's at the end because the balance was done so well, although if he actually had, then it would have veered into fanservice, but the ambiguity was everything. And YAY MOTORCYCLE!!!

If I were going to try and demonstrate the difference between subtext and fanservice this would be an excelleent episode to use as an example of the former. It's all there to see, but it's never spelled out. This reminded me of the Good Old Days of Need to Know.

Plus Robert Sean Leonard got to have fun again. It was very Classic Wilson, right down to a few exaggerated reactions and the hands on the hips.

Although Wilson was clearly full of shit. The whole thing where he said he's leaned on a friend without sticking his tongue down their throat was practically meta since canon and fanon tell us that's his whole MO.

ETA-I always love it when Wilson brings up House's drug addiction because HE is House's supplier and main enabler and it really spells out the core relationship between them.

Worked for me this week. The attraction, the ambiguity and the knowledge that it will never work, including Cuddy's awareness of the H/W situation. I wish they'd also deal with the fact that House will never forgive her for her part in the surgery, but I'm telling myself the above mentioned reference by Cameron was a subtle (very subtle) way of doing that. The ending worked as a recapitulation of the end of Half-Wit and various other "people don't change" endings and I did like the contrast with the patient, even if it was a bit obvious.

Not because I ship it, but because it is part of continuity, and I still have bets out that something will happen before the show ends. Hugh and Jen do have chemistry and it would do wonders for the H/W angsterooni. Note that when Wilson threw House out, he went to the patient, which also meant going to Cameron. Also, for those scoring at home (or those alone) Cameron now has two canon I Love You's to Wilson's one. However, I think they need to ditch the age factor as House's excuse. Jen no longer looks quite so adolescent and Cameron truly seemed to be holding her own against House this week.

Even though it wasn't spelled out, I think it's pretty clear that it's not just the Poor Dead Husband thing that's keep Cameron from cleaning out a drawer. I wish they didn't have to keep hitting her with the "broken people" stick, but if they're going to do the House/Cam at some point, they can also use that to break them up when it's over. At least Cameron has come far enough that she can hear that without the devastation it caused her in Love Hurts.

ETA-Have you noticed that Cam's two "I love you's" came in episodes that were about House's relationships with other women? I don't think it means anything or is deliberate but it's the sort of thing I find interesting and vaguely bunny-ish.

P.S.-I totally fell for the dream sequence. Good job, director/writer.

Like I said, I know many will disagree, but to me this was the episode that made me feel like MY show was back and not some horrible mutation spawned by crack-monkeys.

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