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My big WTF for Whac-a-Mole.

Which has got to be the worst title ever, by the way.
Spoilers after the cut.

Is it me or has Tritter gone serious Inspector Javert on everybody's ass?

I'm not as tizzed out as some people about the affects of gamma rays on man in the moon marigolds this episode on the possibilities of H/W slashiness, because I think it's temporarily good for the angst and eventually there will be "House V God" like resolution. Plus RSL was kicking ass and taking names. Serious Emmy contention to go with his Tony. If the RPS catches up, I would definitely like to write about him psyching up for this episode.

My biggest Het-threat moment was House letting Cam help with the shoulder sling. That was just wrong.

But what I really wanna know is are you gonna go my way When the hell did Chase write these prescriptions? I was confused enough last week to think he might be lying. But now it's been confirmed. When did this happen? Last week, House referred to stockpiling in case Wilson cut him off, but the only time we ever saw anything like this was the refusal to prescribe in "Meaning" when Wilson honestly thought the Ketamine was working and House wasn't in pain. The only other thing that comes close is the "Detox" bet and we don't know if House knows about that to this day. So when did Chase prescribe and why? I feel like there were scenes cut out of previous shows and TPTB are just proceding as if we saw them and know exactly what's going on.

Help Me Out Here. What am I missing?

When was the last time an episode had anything resembling a Happy Ending. Patient diagnosed, cured and somebody NOT miserable. At this point I'd give anything for a "Pilot" like ending with Miss Rebecca (or Rachel, or whatever) and the kids all hugging. I like angst and darkness, but this is way, way, way out of control. I feel like the writers are trying to punish us in some way.

ETA-Big smile for the Pants Off/Dance Off reference.

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