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Meme A Day 2008-Day 324-Fandom Video Meme

Ganked from pottermanic

1. Choose one of your favourite fandoms
2. Post your top 5 favourite videos from that fandom in order (5-1)
3. Say why you've chosen those videos
4. Tag 5 people to do the same. (I tag no one. You are all human beings with free will.)

#1-King Of Spain
Thanks to aithlyn for showing this to me, which was also my introduction to Moxy Fruvous. Really awesome synching. This always makes me smile.

#2-Second Season Bloopers.
I can listen to Hugh call Jesse "a speck of antipodean bumfluff" all day. Not to mention RSL saying he could be "Walter Matthau."

#3-House Wilson & Drugs: Love Triangle.
And not JUST because I helped pick the clips. A great up-tempo song and some awesome synching.

#4-Hugh On The Discovery Channel
Nekkid Hugh. Sweaty Hugh. Sexy Hugh. Wet Hugh. Goofy Hugh.

#5-Let Sleeping Dogs Lie-The Angry Valley Girl Mix-Cameron/Cuddy
I still love this. Lisa E and Jennifer Morrison are having SO MUCH FUN!

Tags: fanvid, meme, meme a day 2008

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