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The chillaxin' vacation continues.

Lots of classes at Golds. Lots of karaoke. yuletide fics being written. Nails done alone with pedicure and hurts-so-good hand/arm massage. Playing lots of Milles Borne with the hubby.

Today I took the "Core Workout" class with Sanford, who is also a Mint semi-regular. It's a little annoying that after all these years of working out and even when I look/feel pretty good about the carcass, I still have virtually NO strength in the glutes and abs. The problem is while I can push myself at cardio and weights, left to my own devices, I'll aways wuss out on floor-work, such as crunches and the stuff that goes with them. Also, bouncing around on a Bosu is not that easy for me.

Tomorrow night we're going to see The Stairwell Sisters at Noe Valley Ministry. Taking Peggy with us. I'm not at all sure how this is going to work with Hubby the Gimp, but it should be a good show. Seriously guys, if you've never heard of The Stairwell Sisters, you need to get into them. Like now.
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