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Tidbits and babble

Obama/Hillary OTP. If she really does become Secretary of State, it's gonna be damn hard not to ship it. (Bill & Michelle for revenge/jealousy pairing?)


Boo-hiss and POUT for lack of Noah, but love for Nathan and all the Petrellis. OK, not so much for Peter. I like it when he and Nathan are being all handsy, but the Claire/Peter thing just brings out the worst in both of them.

Hiro is ALREADY such a child that making him a real child doesn't change anything.

I'm sure the whole Sylar/Elle in a dungeon with half-nekkid Sylar was supposed to be erotically enticing to someone out there. Did nothing for me.

Matt/Daphne...kind of warming up to that, because Grunberg plays the longing really well.

Oh Tracy, you are getting in SO far over your pretty blonde head, it's not even funny.


After two days of fog and cold, we're getting sunshine back. Hopefully that means decent weather for a long-ish run tomorrow.


One yuletide fic has been shipped off to Beta and I'm planning to knock off at least one section of the other tonight at the concert. (Noe Valley Ministry doesn't get really dark for the concerts.)

Plus I'm contemplating an LOM Christmas fic for candesgirl.

My Cat In A Hoodie notebook is temporarily misplaced. I seem to have left it at the Mint last Sunday. (DORKARELLA RIDES AGAIN) and nobody there knows exactly where it is. It's only got the outline for my NOVEL that I (brilliantly) haven't put on my hard-drive. I'm choosing NOT to worry about this too much. The Mint folk always take good care of me and have gotten every thing I've ever left there back to me.


OMG! It was good to get Rachel Maddow back. Alison Stewart was ok, but Arianna Huffington should never be allowed to talk for more than five minutes at a time. I know she's Greek, but I swear to god she was channeling Eva Gabor on Green Acres and sounded like she was reading phonetically.

I'm missing Keith something fierce, especially Kermit the Frog David Shuster actually said "racial epitaph" instead of "eptithet." (Of course I also heard someone on MSNBC say that a judge was asked to "rescue himself."

Media Whore of the week award: Tom Friedman! Keith/Rachel/Daily Show and Colbert Report in about a 10 day period. WHOOOOOOO-HOOOOOO!!!!

John Barrowman is doing concert dates for the new stinky cheese fest album, but still not anything in the US or even North America. Come on John, what does a girl have to do to get you on her land mass?


Body Pump class today. I really pushed the weight. I'll hurt bad tomorrow, but in general I feel pretty good about the whole week, exercise wise.
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