karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Back on the chain gang...

And feeling kind of blech!

It started yesterday at the Mint, but I thought I was just wonky from having to take Benedryl because I had to go to Sebastian's for Hair Day. I should have known something was up when the pipes refused to co-operate it all. It was Kitty's birthday and I tried to sing "Young Girl" and it went all creaky and croaky.

I woke up very congested. Mostly I'm hydrating and hoping it won't get too busy for the next three days. I'll get some Pho tonight and see if that can knock it out.

The other bad news is the continuing saga of my missing notebook. It's a black notebook with a kitty in a hoddie on it. I managed to flake out and leave it at the Mint last Sunday. Tifanny told me about it on Tuesday, which was a surprise to me. The problem is that all the bartenders (except Daddy Dave) say they saw it and it was in the drawer by the front cash register. But it's not in there now. I've had various people look in different stash areas which it might be and so far it isn't.

What makes this especially troublesome is that I wrote out the entire outline for the Novel and didn't put it on the laptop or the work computer. And I had a lot of cool ideas that I'd been carrying in my head, but once I put them on paper, they sort of left the head-building. I presume I can carry on with the book if I don't get the notebook back, but I fear for some of the little tidbits I jotted down. I'm still hopeful only because they never throw stuff out and I've gotten back everything I ever left there including disks, walkmans etc. It MIGHT be in either Vic or Eddie's office, although I'm not sure why it would be.

I'm reallyreallyreally trying not to panic about this.

GOOD NEWS! (Not about the notebook)
Hubby just called. He had an appointment with his orthopedist and has been given the following instructions "Weight-bearing as tolerated." This is very good news. Also they're switching him from Oxy to Vicodin. They had a "House" talk, but the doctor said Hubby is to nice to become a House.
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