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Meme A Day 2008-Day 331-Twenty Hot Guys Meme (19 guys and and a gal)

Ganked from vanillafluffy

Post pictures of 20 guys you lust after because there can never be too many pictures of hot guys.

I tried to keep it mostly current instead of posting pix of guys who were once lust objects but had the nerve to get old, fat, bald, or dead. Will annotate as necessary. In no particular order except how they came to mind and where I was able to find a good enough picture to justify my love lust. Some people are hot in character and on screen, but finding a decent still is a bitch.

1.Sorry, it's John. He gets two pictures.

Could someone make me an icon of the pertinent section of this photo? PLEASE!

2. I love HUGH!

3 & 4-Pasdar and Coleman, Nathan and Noah, MY HEROES!

5 & 6-Simm & Glennister-Together or apart-So much hotness. Oh sure...it's MY dirty mind making up the slash here. (Check out the hand, people.)

7. Yeah, he's a skinny spaceman. I'd still do him.

8, 9, and 10.
Hot and slashy pundit time: Keith Olbermann, Anderson Cooper, plus my girl-crush on Rachel Maddow.

11, 12-House Co-stars. I love RSL, but it's hard to find a good non-dorky hot shot. This one is old but I still love it. I was also looking for a Jesse picture that wouldn't feed into the too young and too pretty issue. What's sexier than a man and his (ahem) instrument?

13-The other half of my Torchwood OTP. (Jack/Doctor is my Who OTP)
Burn's pale skin and the tendency of Torchwood's publicity photos to wash everybody out made this very tough, but I think this is a good one.

14. John Saxon. Vintage and recent.

15. Sam Neill-Not up to pure-lust status these days, but sexiest devil ever.

16. Bryan Ferry-now and forever.

17. The Cloonster-Always a classic.

18. Richard Armitage-Very recent addition. kohlrimmedeye, this one's for you:

19. Clive Owen-I do like them dark and brooding.

20. Hugh Grant-Because he sang in Music and Lyrics, totally took the piss out of Simon Cowell in American Dreamz and talked about his "Golf Ball" on Top Gear.

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