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I'm starting to get really freaked out over the notebook situation

I almost wish I hadn't written out this whole outline FULL of dialogue and plot twists. Because it was the only time I'd ever thought of some of them, instead of my usual process which is to carry everything in my head until I actually write it. I've been trying to recreate some of what I know I had on the page in my head and I can't do it. There was a whole subplot involving a trip to Ireland. I have no idea who was involved or why it happened or how I made it come out of the plot that exists, but I know I had it long enough to write it down.

They never throw things away at the Mint. There's a box full of cell-phones and sun-glasses that have never been claimed and are still there. At least three separate people told me they saw the notebook in the drawer and knew it was mine. And now it's not there and nobody seems to know where it is.

If I can't find it, I think I'm going to have to abandon the Novel because it would be worse to write it without all the good stuff that I had ready to go in there. I'm really really really freaking out and feeling devastated about this. It's so bad, I got into the sugar.

And I really wanted to write this thing, even though I got sidetracked a lot this year.


And on top of that, I was getting ready to read what might actually have been a good Jack/Doctor story, only to have Jack called "the immortal" in the 2nd paragraph. ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH
New community pimpage: badlubeday.
The place to report ludicrous items being used as lube in fanfic and hold them up to the scorn and derision they so richly deserve.
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