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Happy House Day-Fannish stuff about show and fic.

This is going to ramble a bit to the point of incoherency and will probably contain many typos.

In a few hours, the new ep will have aired with what promises to be more angsty fodder, especially for the H/W contingent. Ever since Whac-a-mole aired, the H/W fic world has been awash in angst, replacing the Tritter/House or Wilson or Chase or Brenda or anybody noncon vibe that had been seemingly dominating the zeitgiest for the previous two weeks. I'm about to say something that will shock everybody who knows my H/W tendancies: Too Much Angst. I'm not saying I want fluff or would even read it. I'm just saying Too Much Angst. You may have written the most brilliant H/W angstsmut fic in the known universe, but if you posted in the last five days, there's an excellent chance I didn't read it.

I think it's almost a "be careful what you wish for" thing. I'm not saying that anyone would ever wish for the level of House/Wilson non-love we're seeing right now, but that making the relationship as explicit as it was in "S.O.C.G" was a great move for shippers, but not necessarily for writers. My favorite H/W is subtext H/W, where we with the glasses can see the off-screen blowjobs going on in the supply closet and realize that every jibe is really "I want you, I need you, I love you" in slash code. Even the seminal (heh heh, she said seminal) H/W moments in "Babies and Bathwater" and even "House Vs God" were just subtexty enough to still have our own versions to fill in. I actually thought that "S.O.C.G" was almost too obviously slashy. And with the end of Whac-A-Mole, what the hell is there for us to fill in? All the love and hurt and anger are right there in our faces. The story I wound up writing immediately afterwards wasn't House/Wilson at all. Instead I wrote this: (Which I'm re-pimping now, in case you missed in the pre-Thanksgiving rush and to make the point) Quid Pro Quo because the thing that bugged my H/W self the most was the idea of Chase writing prescriptions for House. The drug enabling is intrinsic to the H/W relationship.

Allow me to commit blasphemy for a minute. In some ways, from a pure H/W angst-fic writing perspective, I'd rather they went full speed ahead with an actual House/Cameron story line. Stay with me a second before you run to puke, (Yeah this means you, rivers_bend) Because if it happened, I'd have room to write a hundred H/W stories about Wilson's reaction, House's defense, why he's really doing it, how it's not really happening, what it means. Etc etc etc. Did you notice how meshugannah Wilson acted during "Need To Know" and how much great fic came and continues to come out of that? Ok, you can go puke now, if you need to.

I've read the same spoilers you have, if you're reading spoilers and no, I won't discuss them here. I'm not particularly worried about long-term (by the end of the season) H/W friendship, simply because I don't think RSL is going anywhere. And I do hope he gets a supporting Emmy nomination. Wouldn't if be awesome if HL and RSL could win in the same night? There's an RPS fic for ya baby. I'm not asking anyone to write fluff, because in 99% of the cases I won't read that either. I guess what I want is more "old school" House/Wilson based on the spaces left for us prior to the hell that this season has become.

The incredibly brilliant topaz_eyes did a meme where I got to ask a question about her fanfic/fannishness and it's worth a look, mostly because of her detailed, clearly thought-out answer. The link is here: http://topaz-eyes.livejournal.com/65104.html

I extend the same question to those of you who write fanfic in the House-i-verse. Which are you more invested in: the show itself or the fic you and others write from it?

And now I'll stop babbling and go back to pretending to work.
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