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TWoP falls for the "Naughty/Nice" paradigm in House/Wilson.

From Television Without Pity'sWho's Naughty and Who's Nice Holiday Guide 2008,

Naughty: House is the epitome of naughty; he breaks the rules at every turn. He is completely selfish and constantly out to get his own way. He's just your average, ordinary, pill-popping bully. Good thing he's a genius.

Nice: Wilson cannot catch a break. Every time he's got something good in his life, his supposed best friend comes along and ruins it. And yet, Wilson can't escape him, no matter how hard he tries. Maybe he can make it his New Year's resolution to find some new pals who won't abuse him.
Buzz up!


Yes, but....

We know exactly how Mr. Nice Guy really operates, how much Wilson's personal neediness plays into House's addictions and who is capable of hurting who the most in the relationship.
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